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No one ever really likes getting older

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18 July
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Forever Under Construction.

Current fandoms/obsessions (in alphabetical order): the A-Team (the movie 2010 & original TV series), Chaos (CBS, aired 2011), NCIS: Los Angeles, Primeval (ITV, S1&2), Touching Evil (US, aired on USA in 2004), Bradley Cooper, James Murray & very newly added Chris O'Donnell (o.O ... I mean, after all these years? I'm surprised too).

Disclaimer: As you can certainly tell, English isn't my first language and I'm so not good at it, seems like my language skills have stopped improving years ago or even worse, are going backward. I'm still trying to use it anyway so please bear with me. And yes, I'm WAY over 18 it's terrifying.

Warning: I'm a fan of everything. That includes *you*. And when I talk about the things and people I admire, I do it with RAVING ENTHUSIASM in bad English, because otherwise I'd just be all silent and a total lurker. I just hope it doesn't creep you out.

Credit: Everything I made (including my userepics) is snaggable, no need to ask. I do love comments though! Credit isn't required but is very much appreciated; it helps people find the stuff if they want to use it (it always helps me find other people's fabulous work).
Journal Layout by malionette @ fruitstyle
NCIS: Los Angeles wallpaper/banner by delorita
Bradley Cooper animated icons by tacosoup; see this thread to get the ones under 40KB
Chris O'Donnell moodtheme by me; more moodtheme credits HERE
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Be well. Do something unpredictable and beautiful. (Glen Phillips, musician)

If you're lucky enough to pick what you do, that's the greatest career you can have. Ultimately, that's my goal: to have choices. (James Marsden, actor)

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. (Mark Twain, author)
basque, ben barnes, ben miller, bradley cooper, brokeback mountain, cara dillon, chaos, chris o'donnell, christopher gorham, cillian murphy, colin firth, common law, csi, damien rice, daniel bruhl, daniel brühl, darius, dark angel, david ford, david horovitch, diana wynne jones, dorothy l. sayers, dougray scott, embrace, eric close, fc barcelona, feeder, fernando morientes, figure skating, football, formula 1, g ♥ food, g ♥ sam, gael garcia bernal, gaspard ulliel, george eads, gin blossoms, glen phillips, halil altintop, hamit altintop, harry styles, howard charles, hugh dancy, human target, iceland, james frain, james marsden, james murray, jamie oliver, jared leto, jared padalecki, jeff buckley, jeffrey donovan, jessica michibata, jim moray, jo in seong, john barrowman, john castle, jonny lee miller, josh duhamel, jurassic park, justin bartha, karine polwart, kate rusby, keane, kim rossi stuart, kirsten dunst, las vegas, latter days, leonardo dicaprio, liam neeson, liam payne, ll cool j, lord peter wimsey, louis tomlinson, luke pasqualino, mae, marat safin, mark harmon, mark valley, matt bomer, matt damon, matt nathanson, matt wertz, matthew bourne, megson, michael ealy, michael weatherly, ncis, ncis: la, ncis: los angeles, new adventures, niall horan, nikolaj coster-waldau, nikolaj lie kaas, notting hill, one direction, pauley perrette, primeval, ralph fiennes, riccardo scamarcio, richard armitage, rob lowe, robert pattinson, robert sean leonard, rodrigo santoro, roger federer, rupert evans, sam neill, sam ♥ g, santiago cabrera, semisonic, serdar tasci, seth lakeman, sharlto copley, sherlock holmes, spain, star wars, stella tennant, stephane lambiel, take that, tennis, the a-team, the boondock saints, the musketeers, the west wing, thomas kretschmann, thunderbirds (not 2004 movie), tim blake nelson, tim dekay, timo hildebrand, timothy olyphant, tiziano ferro, toad the wet sprocket, tom burke, tony leung, topher grace, touching evil, travis, u2, vfb stuttgart, warren kole, westlife, white collar, will kemp, x-men, xavi, zayn malik, 조인성

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