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Peace the Polar Bear

This Knut fever reminds me of Peace the Polar Bear, the first polar bear in Japan which was raised by human, not by its mother bear.

She was born in 1999 at Tobe Zoo, Ehime and rejected to bring up by her mother at birth as well as Knut. So this little bear got to be raised by a zookeeper, Atsuhiro Takaichi, and his family. Now she's 7 years old and still happy in the Zoo. She lives in a remote city, not Berlin, not Tokyo, and she's been breaking the record of living bear by artificial care in Japan.


*All pics are from Peace Diary @ Tobe Zoo Official Site.

Peace and her 'father.'

Now she's 7 years old and this big. :)


There's also a video gallery on the Zoo Site, every vids are short and simple, have no voice in them only sounds, so you don't need to understand Japanese. Just watch them and it's worth it.

Direct links to the vids of baby Peace
Peace, just being born -
Cleansed by the zookeeper -
With stuffed animal -
Sleeping in the bed -
Drinking milk -


I've got some videos (ever since the very detailed and well edited document aired, me and my family totally fell in love with her -- maybe whole Japan did) but I can't change the format to uploadable :( I checked YouTube, however, all I could find were only two vids because I'm not good at searching. The second one is not good as the first since it's not a documentary. It's taken from a crappy entertainment show, but better than nothing.


Okay, this is kinda huge post for me. I'm not even a animal person, but she's so adorable and knowing all the effort and story of the zookeeper, I had to post. I will most likely edit this note later, it might cause misunderstandings and confusions because of my poor English. Sorry for inconvenience.
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