Sat (wallflower18) wrote,

Someone is 43 today!

Happy 43rd Birthday Chris O'Donnell (Born: Christopher Eugene O’Donnell, June 26, 1970), aka Actual Light of My Life ♥♥♥

[10 gifs to celebrate]

*sigh* Love him so much it physically hurts ;_; Seriously I never ever thought I'd fall this hard for one fandom after all this time, one character (well, two characters? No, make it three - no four - no that's not right either, I LOVE ALL OF THEM, every single character on that show), ONE PAIRING (and I used to be hell of a multishipper), and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE him, want to thank him for everything I've been experiencing since The Fall. I've met some really lovely people in this fandom too, it's such a small group but I'm just grateful I could talk to them, be given the inspirations and share loads of fun with. And to me it's all because of/thanks to him. All the love and stars and kitties and diamonds and boxes of good golf balls in the entire universe for this one fine man! Keep on running and prettying the world, my angel ♥

(I have to say I'm quite pleased how the gifset turned out, but I've been making this slowly over the months so I'd better not screw it... and then I totally fucked up the Tumblr post and that's what's going around and I want to stab and throw myself out of the window /o\)

And a few themed COD pics I edited awhile back joining the trend, because he's my *~~princess~~*




Isn't he pretty? ;)

Also, Chris O'Donnell Online (@chrisodonline) aka the best COD source ever turned 10 years old today too! The gallery is back online and although it hasn't been updated for awhile, it's still the most reliable and organized among all fansites IMO (and yay no watermarked pictures \o/). The owner is very kind and dedicated too, so I'd really appreciate if you could just click through the link and give it a hit, even if you aren't in NCIS: LA fandom :)
Tags: !gifs, !graphics: other, actor: chris o'donnell, actual princess chris o'donnell, tv: ncis: los angeles
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