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Happy Birthday, kristen_mara!! :D

Happy Happy Birthday to the sweetest kristen_mara - I hope you've had the most fabulous day and this year will be full of joy and wonder for you!

I had a couple of ideas for today, and thought this one would be kind of funny as characters JM plays ending up dead is one of the fandom's favorite jokes (and kristen_mara's I think, lol). It turned out to be such a HUGE project zomg, even though the whole set only consists 6 gifs. And I realized much too late that it's probably a bit inappropriate to celebrate the happy day. I'm sorry /o\ - but I hope you like (?) it anyway! (Also sorry I'm posting this rather late and you won't probably be seeing this until tomorrow.)

Five Times James Murray's Characters Died and One Time They Didn't (or should I say Almost Did but Didn't? ;)) Spoilers for anybody who doesn't know their 'fate'!

Five Times James Murray's Characters Died and One Time They Didn't - 6 gifs

Will Needham; All the King's Men (1999); ambushed by the Turkish soldiers
William Morel; Sons & Lovers; lupus (or so I believe...?)
Charles Burnaby; Agatha Christie Marple: The Sittaford Mystery; a bullet to the heart
Stephen Hart; Primeval; ...... :'(
Ralph Longshaft; Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire; a knife to the chest
Frank Davis; It's Alive (2008); nearly got eaten by the devil baby who's his own son - but survived! \o/

(I could choose something else like Peak Practice or Phoenix Blue for Didn't, but kind of liked that this way it almost flows chronically (not exactly though) so here it is :) Also if you want happy times/sad times gifs separately and not merged, let me know.)

And because one gifset isn't enough (also because while making 5 times set I got worried it wouldn't be finished in time), another one:

Rick Earnhardt from Phoenix Blue - 4 gifs

Hope you enjoy wet! half-nekkid! in-pain! Rick :D Maybe you can pretend it's Stephen or Jamie if you want? ;D
Tags: !gifs, actor: james murray, film: phoenix blue, i made photoset and died, kristen_mara, tv: primeval
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