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Primeval Denial Art Prompt Challenge Post (1/2): Abby, Connor, Leek, Nick, Stephen Artwork + more

(ZOMG looooooong time no post nor comment, I'm so sorry. *headdesk* Hope you're all doing well! Real (?) updates this weekend, hopefully.)

My submissions for the primeval_denial's Art Prompt Challenge are two gif sets. I'm so excited about the challenge! Haven't had the time to check out the entries, only skimmed through them, but OMG look at all the awesome artwork & fics! Also I'm so completely psyched that three amazing authors have chosen to write for my artwork - I was so worried no one would - and the stories are all so awesome I CAN'T HANDLE ALL THE EXCITEMENT I'm feeling now. *flails* Thanks again authors and challenge mods for this wonderful challenge, also putting up with me!

Today it's Abby, Connor, Leek, Nick, Stephen set. Next post will be posted on Thursday 2nd May. I also made extra artwork inspired by the stories - hope you enjoy them too! :)

Art: 5 gifs, 500x200.

[Abby, Connor, Leek, Nick, Stephen]

Story links:

This Is How It Is on LJ | on DW | on AO3 by lsellersfic - sad but very beautifully written 2.07 aftermath fic which I love dearly, I'm also amazed how she interpreted the aspects of the gifs into the story. My fill for the fill is a fic banner.

!!! FIC LINK ADDED !!! The Life You Save (May Be Your Own) by faye_dartmouth - which is seriously the most EPIC thing of all the epic things in the world. I have no words to describe how amazing this fic is, just - asdfghjkl;:11!!1! Please please go read it now - or save it for the weekend because ZOMG 50k fic! - and tell her how awesome and epic her story and she is! My fill for the fill is a fic banner & chapter headers. Sadly there was only about a day to make inspired art for it - I'm just sorry I couldn't do full, detailed art that this story deserves. :(

[Chapter Headers x 6]

Tags: !gifs, !graphics: other, tv: primeval
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