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It's A Bat! It's A Robin! It's Chris O'Donnell in Glasses!

“I’m 42 now,” says the Winnetka native. “I’m wearing glasses now! Not sunglasses. Real glasses. I’m just falling apart.”


The other day ~someone reminded me that another picspam is due, so today I bring you this - The Ultimate (???) Chris O'Donnell Glasses Porn Post!

Some pics are big and some are not, some are in thumbnails so hover over to see if it's clickable. All pics unedited except gifs, screencaps are 1280x720 to 1980x1080 capped by me, feel free to use them for anything, but please don't claim as your own. And if you have something that's not here or have your own posts, please share in the comments! Spread the COD in glasses love. <3

But I'm a Director! - 4.17 'Wanted' filming

Thanks willwork4dean for pointing this out to me! He sure does ship them hardcore, doesn't he? ;) Also, those Adidas shoes he was wearing during directing... I don't even know why but totally killing me.


PTA Glasses - Guest on Late Show with David Letterman


Glasses as Disguise - 4.13 'The Chosen One'
(Still need to go full back on to this ep. There may be massive picspam then, so just a few today.)

This scene still gives me so many feels argh. ;_;

And look, I made something that isn't Sam/G! Double glasses porn! (I hope you see this, elyss_blair!)


Reading Glasses - The Company (2007): Episode/Night 3

Um, probably not the hottest sight ever, so sorry? LOL. An old-school operative who's survived the Cold War, all confused by new technology and in awe of the power of women.


Geek Glasses - In Love and War (1996) Premiere

Stealing from Grandpa Richard lol!


Classy as Hell Glasses - Modeling for Sacoor

I just love him in this campaign. ♥.♥ Also, HAND PORN.


Shooting/SWAT Glasses

G'S FORCE! :D So much love for this pic, they're all such dorks. ♥ Also? Thigh holsters are LOVE.


Not Glasses, Sunglasses.
(Generally not so keen on sunglasses because hey, the point is to be able to see their eyes with glasses/rims. And people always wear sunglasses so it's nothing new! But I'm throwing in them anyway.)

From Batman Forever. Not to mention, hand porn again.

Not the best quality picture ever, but is here for... well... THE reason? XD

Like GQMF. Another one from Sacoor. (And yet the sleeves are there.)

From Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010). It's kind of hard to see it here but he just looks so good in the black outfit in this scene, also it looks like he dyed his hair red for this movie - redhead!COD HELLS YES. \o/ (And oh, how I wish James Marsden was actually in the movie, not as voice actor. Would have been agsdghafghjkl if we could have them together on screen. And Diggs (the dog, James voicing) being head over paws in love with Shane (COD) is just so cute. <3)

Just chillin' between takes. Nothing new, but for some reason I love these pics. (Okay I admit, hands. And he's rocking back the chair and it's kind of cute, too. ......Basically anything he does is precious to me, me thinks.)

YO, of course we can't forget this one, bro.


Not Glasses, but Goggles.

From Vertical Limit (2000). Not even actually wearing them, but just enjoy those pretty eyes and the 'cool' beauty, not the movie.


Not Even Glasses - Masks!

Batman Forever vs. Batman & Robin - the make-ups around the eyes are kinda ridiculous, but his eyes are as always ridic blue even in the darker scenes, so, um. Seriously, his eyes! And OMG THOSE LIPS. Don't blame me for thinking about consent issues here.

Aaand that's it! I hope you all enjoyed The Pretty in Glasses! *dies on computer*
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