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Ughs, blahs, pics and gifs of cats and dogs and gays

So yesterday one of those family things decided to go kaboom on me and ruined the whole day - it was a total WTF and it's making me feel like shite and think a lot of not so happy things, also a lot of unpleasant things I want to do *to* people. :/

(But at least I managed to submit my art prompts to primeval_denial's Art Prompt Challenge last night, all thanks to the patient and kind lsellersfic. It was much too late for me to realize its existence and I had like only half a day to make art so my submissions are serious rubbish, and if someone signed up for the groups my prompts are in... I think I should apologize to them. :S But I've seen those kind of challenges going around (writers write fics for art, not artists make art for fics) and wished there's one in my fandoms so I just couldn't miss the opportunity.)

So today instead of doing anything productive in RL, I've mostly stayed in bed and have done nothing but staring dully at PC screen. OHYAY. And now I'm actually feeling a tad better, too. SO, YAY?

And while I was checking out the premiere date of Hugh Dancy's new show Hannibal on IMDb (starts on April 4, Thursdays 10/9c on NBC!), I noticed that Beautiful People has come on top of JM's filmography and it says Beautiful People (TV 2013) - TV Movie, 60 min, release date 1 May 2013 (USA) - OMEG?!?! Does anybody know anything about it?! I don't really know where to look to see what's the source or if it's true. I'm sure someone in jamesmurrayfans will find out something for us soon.

(I assume it'd be like Virtuality (TV 2009), if IMDb is saying true? It's another sci-fi stuff starred Nik as a protagonist, originally planned as TV series but didn't make it and they made the already filmed parts into 90min TV movie.)

(But... only 60 minutes? :((()

Also I finally signed up for doing art for smallfandombang - against my better judgement, because last year I nearly blew it. I really need to do a better job this year. I've read the snippet of elyss_blair's Blood Ties story on smallfandomcafe and it's already SO good I can't wait to read the whole story, even though I've never known the series until she told me. I'm kind of sad it's already claimed, but I knew it's too good to be still up for a grab. Also crazyfoolstiney's so very promising The A-Team Circus AU is taken too, but it's delorita who's doing the art for it so I know both the fic and art are going to ROCK.

BUT! The story I claimed - which I'm still like on 3 of all 72 pages (O_O), also which is of the fandom I hardly know anything about - already reads *fantastically*!!! I don't know how many days I'm going to need to read the entire thing but I'm so excited to make art for it.

And here goes my self-indulgent pic/gif damp post, because I just felt like it and all the pretties in one post is good for my soul. Huzzah! It's, as always, NCIS: LA related stuff so all of you non-LA people needn't to click the cut to see what's inside, lol. One of those days I'll do the pic post for my sadly neglected fandoms...

So once again, a couple of animal pics. This seems to has become my hobby and my journal is officially a cat (or animal) blog. I know I really need to stop, overdoing things doesn't do anymore fun, but I just can't help seeing them (or particularly, G) in those animal pics and since now it's my hobby maybe I should do what I want? I even made a tag for it: NCIS LA: Office of Special Cats and Dogs. X)

Here comes pup!G:

I don't know my first naaaame!

And another:

Oh noooooeeees ;_; It's from Oliver & Company (1988); I've never seen this movie so I looked it up on Wikipedia and IMDb and they say 'A lost and alone kitten joins a gang of dogs engaged in petty larceny in New York.' ... or 'Set in 1980s New York City, an orphaned kitten named Oliver is left alone after his fellow orphaned kittens are adopted by passers by and he wanders the streets by himself...' and of course I went /o\/o\/o\

I don't even know why but it's Deeks clinging to Kensi to me.

(click for bigger)
And this one too. Next moment cat!Kensi wakes up and goes Kung-hu on cat!Deeks! XD

And there's this awesome kitten one!
(click for bigger)
Sgt. Awesome feeding a scraggly kitten a bowl of milk while on duty in a war-torn country. When I first saw it, I was like ASDFGHJKL;; because even more awesome thing about this precious picture is this kitten JUST looks like our kitten!G, with more disheveled look - like human!G.

There, I made it even better:

Senior Chief Petty Officer AweSam aka Sam Hanna feeding kitten!G. XD (This is like 3 minutes photoshop painting, no offence meant and not to be taken seriously. SO DON'T TAKE IT TOO SERIOUSLY, POR FAVOR.)

Now finally, humans.

(click for bigger)
This picture is like the sum of everything I love about G's looks; eyebrows, eyes, trademark twisted smile, chin, in blue shirt matching his bluest eyes with loose collar and a bonus good show of skin. RAWR. ♥ (But I wonder where the chest hair has gone?) And you know what's more <333 thing about this scene is? Whom he's looking at is Sam.


Aaaand speaking of The Look, there's a longing (also filled with so much fondness) one:

OMG one of my favorite episodes ♥

Also a gayer one:

Seriously, there's always something about the way G/COD looks at Sam/LL. Maybe it's LL's ~charisma luring him!

And Kensi's at Deeks:

*sigh* This show is just so perfect and full of pretties. ♥

And a set of COD in Two and a Half Men; I said I was going to make more before posting any, and I still want to make TAAHM only post because I just LOVE the episode, but I'm too impatient. ;)

Note the perfect hair and profile, oral fixation, and hand action! YES, HAND. And the Actual Awesome about this is there's so much more behind this scene than what it seems: [The best part?]COD's character Bill is Charlie's most gorgeous, the best and prettiest, the one he couldn't get over, ex-GIRLfriend Jill, who's become the man after surgery. (Seriously, the most gorgeous etc etc part wasn't I putting it, it really is from the actual ep, if not the same wording!)

Lastly, a random pic. The guy doesn't really look like G, but I find it so inspiring.

G riding shotgun and sleeping next to Sam... <3
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