Sat (wallflower18) wrote,

NCIS LA: short note on 4.13 'The Chosen One'

So I watched it a couple hours ago (only two days later after airing! Shows how excited I was), had ~thoughts, went to cap and gif for reasons, had more thoughts while making, finished one, and the initial thoughts/impressions didn't really change - for the first time in this season (srsly?), I actually feel disappointed.

There's so many reasons why, but to sum it up - I think it's because it failed to become what it needed to be, and no it's not G centric episode or G in peril one, what it needed to be a good episode, and it totally could and should have been, but to me it's not.

I'm hoping to do more detailed review later this weekend. Maybe I'll be able to see more things once I rewatched it and my opinion might change.

But The Pretty is still there! So the gif happened, may be kinda pointless to many people though? ;D And I know for sure there will be tons more from this ep later.


Hell Yes Glasses Porn! \o/ I'd been so eagerly and impatiently waiting for it since ~someone told me about G's glasses, it wasn't even funny. And I don't even know, this particular moment, it just got me. Glasses, of course. And Hetty's hands. G's hands. Then eyes, and eyebrows. It's just... asddfyhj;:hapwoi!!! I'm having a lot of Hetty and G feels right now. Also natually a gallon of G feels too...
Tags: !gifs, this is queue and i'm not here, tv: ncis: los angeles
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