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One of my fannish dreams has come true for real.

OMG this year's PCA! I haven't watched any bits of the show yet, but this. THIS. Two of my favourite men if not in same production, but in one frame. Honestly? I DIED.

Pics are hosted on ImageBam so they'll open in new tab. They are BIG (like, 2,000px+ big) so make sure to click to see the details!

*SQUEE* *FLAILS LIKE A FLAILY THING* Just look how perfect and flawless and gorgeous they both are, especially Josh? He's the figure of eternal beauty like Dorian Gray, like he played the role once! (You know COD is the one who drives me NUTS though... ;)) And can you believe there's only just two year age gap between them?! Josh is 40 (this November will be 41) and COD is 42 (this June 43)!

And it doesn't look like they are all hearty eyes for each other, but I don't actually care if they got along well or not, since from what I've seen COD doesn't seem like the guy who's easy to hang out with on the instant. I'm just so excited and ♥_♥ at this million dollar sight right now! And one of the things I love about Josh is how he's all cuddly and touchy-feely and easygoing and everybody who ever interacted/worked with him says they love him, and to me he looks just being like that as always and OMG look at how perfectly his hand fitting/resting on COD's neck and OMG HEIGHT DIFFERENCE!!!

Now what's in my head is Las Vegas/NCIS: LA crossover and Danny & G! Transformers/NCIS: LA/Lennox & G is tempting too, but - Danny and G! Because I can actually see it could work. They first met in the middle of an op and since then keep in touch... or G once visited Las Vegas/Montecito and they somehow got involved, but Danny doesn't know G's real identity... either way, once in awhile G visits LV (on vacation or when he needs to get out of LA) and Danny offers him a place to crash. Just friends or in relationship, I don't really care. Or or or... just, so many ideas and possibilities! I think I need to find Las Vegas eppys buried somewhere in my old harddrive... and why there's no NCIS: LA kink meme I can prompt this. :(

Speaking of crossover, another gif set. I wonder if I post it to the communities someone would write me a summary or a fic(let), because it's so silly and doesn't make sense without explanation, also I can't write for so many obvious reasons. The idea came to me the moment I read willwork4dean's comment she left on one of my post-ep overreaction posts - like, 'I think I can make up that kind of scene?!' Then she wrote the most beautiful, heartbreaking fic I talk about all the time. The 'image' stayed somewhere on my mind though, but I wasn't really sure if it can be done, and then when I was being busiest making graphics for [community profile] fandom_stocking, it's all of a sudden 'I want to do it *now.*' It's the worst (and best?) kind of procrastination and productivity, don't you think! LOL. So there they are. Each gif is quite heavy and runs long so I hope you can actually 'see' what's going on. *sigh* Why do I spend ridiculously long time for something like this, the things nobody wants...


[I want you to see it unspoiled first so my thoughts and excuses are behind here]Sam is getting married, G comes to the wedding reluctantly, he's in love with Sam (or just realizes he is?) but of course he doesn't tell Sam about his feelings, after the wedding G goes to Gibbs and he takes G in and lets him stay with him. Something like that. XD

Seriously, so many inaccuracies and OOCness and G doesn't look like G even for a bit, but it's doomed to be, I'm sorry. And why in the hell they're in Catholic church, I have no idea. (Well it's because COD is a Catholic and he played one in the movie I used for gifs, but in this set Sam is the one getting married, so it's kind of inaccurate I think?) And Michelle (Quinn) is so fake as you can see, she's the actress who played LL's fiancée in one of his movies. Also in this case the wedding has to be held in New York or somewhere? Because it's ridiculous to fly to DC from LA for a heartbreak (at least G would think it's ridiculous), and it's already so OOC if G actually turns to Gibbs (or someone else) after this.

Also, pimp! oxoniensis' Porn Battle is back (on LJ / on DW) and still open for prompts! Go leave the prompts, pick up the prompts, write porn and make it hot! ;D
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