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Pointless Tiny Graphic Post Before Christmas: NCIS: LA with a pinch of other things

(This is a pretty rushed post as I wanted to finish it before Christmas (I know I know, so not the best time to post, nobody's gonna see it but anyway). Apologies in advance for even more mistakes than usual.)

- Shameless self pimping: a while ago the ever so awesome faviconwillwork4dean wrote this fabulous kitten!G story, and I made a lame banner inspired by it and like the kind person she is she generously posted it with the story. You can find the story and banner here on AO3, or here on ncisla_slash, there's also an art post on AO3. (Related kitten!G posts by me here and here.)
- She also wrote this post 4.06 one shot (OMG ;_;), and once again I made blah banners for it because seriously, her work is always simply inspirational I just can't resist! They are also posted with the story because she's awesome like that. Check the fic out here on AO3, or here on ncisla_slash. (But seriously, do me a favor, skip the art and go read the stories they're AMAZING. \o/)
- ETA: Just posted Chris O'Donnell moodtheme I made forever ago, check it out if you're interested? ;)

[Icons: 44 total]
[33] NCIS: LA & cast (Chris O'Donnell, LL Cool J, Daniela Ruah, Eric Christian Olsen)
[6] Hawaii Five-0 from 3.01
[5] Misc: Haven cast (Eric Balfour, Lucas Bryant), LGBTQ theme (James Dean & Marlon Brando LOL)

*Warning: Crazy amount of alternates. Also about... 50%? of the contents of this post were posted somewhere in my journal previously but never shared/published on LJ communities so sorry if you've already seen them.




*32: I know this kinda doesn't make sense to many people but I think for some of you it does? It does to me anyway and looking at it makes me sad! lol


*38-39: The only difference between them is sharpened or not. I just couldn't decide which one looks better so I'm posting both.


Boring Tumblr gifs/edits, all NCIS: LA related:


Sorry this sucks because my skills suck also the source is so LQ, but still! One of the freakin' favourite pics of COD, TBH.

So that's all, my December spam part 2! (Yes, I'm still not giving it up.) Thank you for viewing, I hope you enjoyed. Hope everyone is having a wonderful, happy holiday! ♥

All caps by me, my resources / my tags - NCIS: LA - GIFs - icons
Tags: !gifs, !icons, actor: chris o'donnell, actor: eric balfour, actor: eric christian olsen, actor: ll cool j, actor: lucas bryant, actress: daniela ruah, ncis la: office of special cats and dogs, tv: haven, tv: hawaii five-0, tv: ncis: los angeles
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