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The Return of Not-really!NCIS: LA Miscellany Post (which is 80% about cats)

UGH it's already mid-December how is it even possible?! I'm once again awfully behind of everything; but not because I'm :(, it's just the busiest month of the entire year for everyone, right? We don't even really celebrate anything (I love all kinds of celebrations though) and still it's crazily busy!

But seriously, it's amazing what a single fanwork can do to change one's state of mind. The fabulous willwork4dean did her magic once again and wrote this amazing piece of fic and it's awful and painful and just WONDERFUL and after spending the entire day (and a few following days) GROSS SOBBING I've been FULLY back on MAKE/POST EVERYTHING! mode and to my 'I will go down with this ship!' self again. Honestly, after 4.06 I felt so lost and had no idea how to go back to my happy shipping/watching, then the fic happened and it was like it remedied me all over (even in RL). OMGYES she's awesome. \o/

The only problem on fannish side is that there's so many fun festive things going on, so many things I want to do/make, and my attention is everywhere and my concentration is nowhere and everything I make is always crap turns out crap. (Really, why do all the fun things have to happen in December? How can everyone even manage??) Also I just realized I'll hit my one year NCIS: LA anniversary soon! I don't have an exact date like I have for Primeval or the A-Team but it's around 20-ish, at least I know that for a reason. I don't have any plans or ideas for it though, so I'll just try to empty my draft folder and post more often for the rest of the month. :D

So like the subject line says - CATS! I think willwork4dean has turned me into a cat lady *completely.* I swear it's not the 'actively seeking for anything cat related' kind, just the 'very, way sensitively and overly reacting to cat stuff when seeing one' kind. (I even had some cat 'incidents' in RL I wouldn't have had before the fic, lol!) So when I stumbled upon this pic -

... My heart nearly burst! For one serious moment there I thought it was the same cat, our kitten!G staring at me Sam. That Sam takes him home and feeds and lets him stay in bed with him. Or Sam and G go bed together (or don't go together but G crawls into bed eventually) and G wakes up next morning as a cat, looking up at Sam with those bluest eyes of his. And my imagination goes wild - maybe it's his first time shape-shifting and he himself is like '???' or maybe he does it once in a while and he's like 'Sorry Sam, I did it again.' And Sam is like 'Seriously, G, again??' but is secretly all for it because he can never resist his kitten!G in his lap. (SRSLY What is wrong with me /o\)

And this! So tiny but already with those claws!

Awwww. ;_;

Doesn't this picture make you sad, especially when you see it as a box full of stray cats? But take a look at the one in the bottom right, that fierce looking one, the only cat doesn't look sad and is like 'Watcha lookin' at, don't you dare fuck with me.' Like if someone tries to hug or pick it up, it claws you. So kitten!G, don't you think? Maybe he was like that in foster homes...

And this kitten photoset (it's a pretty famous post/vid so the chances are many of you have seen it already?) - OMG so precious!

It's even more precious with the sound, so I'm embedding the video too:

Look at his round tummy and those paws. Totally remind of me G/COD (and his feet) LOL. ♥

Also speaking of paws (and Teh Hair), this combo:

(click for bigger)

Sorry I always bring this screencap up but I really love it, the hug, Abby's expression AND how G's hair looks so soft and shimmering even with the cut. *_*

EDIT: Here's another kitten!G pic courtesy of willwork4dean:


This one has scars on his nose. OMG it physically hurts. MY HEART!

Andandand as if those cat pics aren't enough - LOOK what I just found!

O.M.G. To me it's just SO Sam & G already they don't even have to be (mother)dog!Sam and puppy!G. G's like 'I just had a dream I don't like too much :(' and Sam wakes up like 'S'up? Something's wrong.' Or maybe it's after another rough case and Sam is like 'We're both exhausted, let's just go lie down and have a rest' and G's like 'I dun wanna.' (or 'I can't.')

+ Sam & G photoset I just made:


I've had this idea for quite a while and finally gave it a try but as you can see... it certainly didn't work out like I hoped, it's hard to 'see' what's going on. Oh well. :/ Hope someone can get what I wanted gifs to show somehow? (Also, colouring this show yellow seems like the only way works for me, especially when they are in the bullpen, and I'm so tired of it. :()

+ another photoset from 4.07 (like I said earlier I'm so behind of the show I still haven't watched 4.08 & 4.09 >.<;;)

[Foodfight!] Deeks: What are you look… what are you looking at?

 Kensi: Yesterday’s lunch in the kitchen.

 Sam: Pepperoni pizza.

 G: There’s only two slices.

I was simply going to gif the entire scene but ended up with this (sorry Deeks I edited you out, I think my OT3 heart took over!). Can we take a moment and look at how G doesn't listen to Deeks' rambling anymore once he figures it's inedible and his attention is entirely on kitchen/pizza? And the poor sandwich in his hands? And his face in #3? And in #4 how gracefully and smoothly Kensi runs like an athlete and G runs like Jerry the Mouse? (I also like that it's Kensi immediately gets where G's mind is at.)

And how Sam was skeptical over Deeks' would be choice and G wasn't and kinda supporting him - maybe G thinks he and Deeks are on the same food team, since he appreciated fish taco too? :D And the way his face lit up when Deeks got back:

♥_♥ I so seriously love what this show does with everyone's love on food - all of them loving eating/food in their own way/preference - but most importantly with G, because I think it totally fits his character/background. There's hardly anything he doesn't eat (because he wasn't allowed to have the luxury to be picky over the food), but what he prefers are mostly junk (because that's what you get to eat in the majority of foster homes). I also ponder over the fact G knows exactly how much food is in stock - because he had to, during his time in the system. How many milk cartons were in the fridge, how much food was stocked in the house, which one was safe to snitch when necessary, to feed the kids (good ones) if foster parents 'forgot.' And still when nothing worked he had to shoplift. [/badfic!writer moment]

I have a lot more scenes I need to gif from 4.07, but I think the one I loved the most out of that ep is where they're interrogating Lance after he tricked them - yes it's yet another one of that kind of moments, the deliberate 'once in awhile the viewers have to be reminded of G's terrible past' one (not that I'm complaining though XD), but what got me is the team (Sam, Kensi, Deeks) caring/worrying about G. Kensi looking very reluctant to let G go to talk to the kid, Sam and Kensi exchanging worried glances, Deeks worrying too but being humble (when he doesn't need to be) and keeping a little bit of distance, not butting in between 'original three.' I just love that they all got him...

(click for bigger)

(And I think this is one of the qualities makes Deeks great and different and special, he knows how to approach the situation/people, knows what to do and not to do. (Like when he came for Kensi and just offered the bottle of water.) I feel bad for him he feels like he still has to act like that when he's around G and Sam and not alone with Kensi, feels like he's interfering because there's no way he is.)

(And G, if what Lance has been through has made him a mess, what is you? UGH ;_;)

End of December spam part 1! So... how's everyone doing? :)
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