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Screencaps: James Murray in New Tricks 9.07 'Dead Poets' & small gif dump

OMG finally got around to sort New Tricks screencaps that have been rotting in my folder for months. /o\ No secret that my life is pretty much all about NCIS: LA right now, I'm such a bad fan but I still LOVE him and waited for this ep. And YES it was totally worth waiting for. \o/ I think it was a decent ep, and most importantly he was good and looked so vastly GOOD (except*cough*thebeardfromhell*cough*). I need this JM on my TV regularly, like now. :( Just a quick post for the sake of getting things done and for eye candy. Plus small JM gif dump.

56MB .zip @ mediafire

*520 caps, JM only/centric, 1280x720/jpg/mostly sorted. If you want screencaps of the entire ep (for some reason lol), please let me know.
*Samples are hosted on imagebam, upon clicking the pic bigger version open in new tab.

[Spoilery samples] ImageBam image upload

[My thoughts]- He totally rocked the Britain's Sexiest Poet role! It's so nice to see him in so many different kinds of clothes, with glasses and scarves and jewelries. (Red wine colour suits, SRSLY??? Only he could pull it off.)
- And he's once again playing a sort of troubled, suffering man who's on a surface dazzlingly attractive with irresistible charm. There must be something about him that makes people cast him those roles. And he's a master of them...
- Sean and Luke! They blow the word 'agape' off and totally making it romance. I need to know more of their story.
- It's a bummer Celebrity Masterchef completely gave the plot off though, so we pretty much knew Sean was alive from the very start. :(
- I think this guy did good fanboy portrayal, btw. He is me. XD

JM gif dump

[New Tricks x1]

[Chaos x1]

[Primeval x4]

“Just listen to me!”

“You still in love with her? Is that why you trust her. You know what, I don’t care. Do what you want.”

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