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NCIS LA: Random pic post is random

*Spoiler warning: post includes screencaps and icons from 402-403.
*Screencaps are either 1280x720 or 1920x1080, so click for bigger. Other pics are all in original size.

Starting off with usual whining: Ugh, Tumblr. Remember what I said about being free of it for week? Forget it. After 402 I'd gone a little bit Photoshop crazy, went back to post my stuff and stupidly clicked dashboard. The rest is history, I once again was swallowed by it and couldn't get out of for almost two weeks. *headdesk* I love seeing awesome things on Tumblr, but my fandom over there doesn't make me happy and I'm kinda done feeling sorry/miserable. I think for me the best way is to stay away from it as long as possible, like I did before the S4 premiere and just use it for posting graphics from time to time. The good thing about Tumblr though, is you can post simple things like coloured screencaps (not even have to be picspam) as many/often as you want, and when you want. Because it's stupid to post on LJ comms just for one .png! *sigh* Why can't fandom happen on LJ anymore? I feel like such a fandom grandma/dinosaur...

Anyway, on to the happier things! Oh yes, NCIS: LA in 1080p is AWESOME. This is such a pretty show (location, set, photography, and most of all, prettiest cast ever) and seeing it in HD is simply amazing! (But I'm almost relived there's no new ep this week. I'm already barely keeping up. >>_>>) I was thinking of doing weekly screencaps duty before the season started, to provide resources, but there are already tons of pro-cappers capping this show and I'm just an amateur, also incapable of doing it on regular basis, so I'll just cap the eps for myself and post some here just to stare at the pretties.

And on Tumblr I started following this photo blog that posts buttload of pretty photography and also has tons of pics of animals. While I love animals I'm usually not THAT crazy for collecting animal pics, but I just read melawen_c's this super cute dog!Steve/puppy!Danno fic the other day (OMG I read 100% H50 fic, not crossover! And enjoyed it. New experiences everyday) and it must have affected me because then I found this pic -

AND ALL I CAN SEE IS G. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. IDEK, obviously it's this one's eyes that caught my eye, but seriously, the entire posture - tiny but full of strength and will (I'm standing on my owwwwwnnnnnn), a hint of smirk, tilt of the head, and of course the magnificent eyes. Everything about this pic screams G! to me.

Also this one - the fur is a lot like G' hair. The image it gives me is kitten!G sleeping in Sam's arms, and Sam looking down at this precious sight. /o\ So unlike the said fic, I seem to want G to turn into something and Sam to stay human. Seriously, I didn't know I needed this in my life but right now I'm all DO WANT.

Also these, because I can:

And I totally wasn't even trying, but looking through about first hundred of posts on that blog I found a whole bunch of pics that would fit all of the team too.


This moppy one totally could be Deeks.

Eric and Nell? LOL.

Sam and his beloved chair.

This could be Nate. And he observes.

Dom and his toy.

Hetty the Queen.

Plus this, I'm sure there's more fitting/right pic/cap but I can't think of the exact one right now so this would do for now:

LOL ♥ Or this too, purely because of the crumbs on G's mouth and Sam's tongue:

(I seriously love it when they do something with G's bad eating habits and manners. Sam needs to wipe the crumbs away with his fingers or lick it off with his mouth though.)

+ A few more random caps from 402's fish tacos scene because OMG I love it (and the ep) so much:

HELP I want to know why I love this picture THIS MUCH.

Have some cutie too.


Lastly a few icons, because I have no idea when I'll make another icon post. Organizing them is just so tedious. :/ Feel free to use, no credit needed.

Um, I'm sorry for this craziness if someone sees the post. X)
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