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NCIS: LA 4.01 Endgame

So I watched NCIS: LA Season 4 premiere.

And I... don't know what or how I'm feeling right now. I think I probably should be... angry? I'm not unhappy with the ep nor disappointed, but I do feel like they were winding us up with the finale and premiere. But I'm not angry either. And kinda calm - I think the fact I'm writing this in this way/state is showing it - which I didn't expect myself to be after the ep.

I haven't read any reaction posts yet (if there's any), and I haven't looked Tumblr* either so I don't know what fans' reactions are like. I think to obsessive, emotionally attached/involved fans the way the whole plot played out could be felt... what should I say, rude? Insulting? Or at least disappointing. And if they are pissed/offended/disappointed after this, I think they have every reason to be. Though to 'light' fans/viewers, it must or could be cool way out. I do think it was a good, enjoyable ep.

I consider myself one of the former, but like I said, I'm not disappointed. Perhaps it's because I didn't expect too much? I was excited and anxious, but I didn't get my hopes up too high. This show is pretty much my One True Show at the moment, but before the premiere I barely read spoilers, didn't watch the promos often, didn't do obsessing over thinking about how it's going to be. There's no use for driving myself nuts, it's not like I can write something useful or meaningful (like fic or meta) out of my 'plotting' and what they give us is what we get. (I could learn! I got lessons from my CSI and NCIS days!) It doesn't mean I'm going to or have to like it but I think trying to be 'accepting' worked. I could watch the ep with excitement but without too much expectation, so less chance of being let down.

Pretty early into the ep, I got the feeling it's all going to be okay and they know what they are doing (it's kinda obvious?), that it's not 'sans-voir'ing, and it kind of killed the suspense for me. I wasn't on the edge of my seat or biting my nails, I just sat and watched the ep.

G and Hetty, I think I need more time to think about it. I'm still not entirely okay with what she did in finale and I don't like feeling like this for her. She did look great in her blue outfit though! I loved her blue glasses too, I think she should wear those more often.

But the Chameleon lived! That was a nice surprise. At the end of S3 I was so sad they killed off many great (sort of) villains, so I'm glad at least there's still one out there! And Janvier's such an epic villain and I can never have enough of him screwing G around. I hope next time we see him it'll be BIG and ANGSTY (with no deaths, pretty please).

I went ♥_♥ when Kensi welcomed G with a hug! He needed it after all the emotional turmoil and lone-wolfing. But now I'm having a mixed feeling - because to me it's starting to look/feel like why G gets hugs from her is not because it's Kensi, it's because she's a woman and hugging and comforting is women's job.

The part of me is so relieved; I don't want G out of the field, I want him to stay ~legendary and go undercover and rock it like nobody else can do, so I'd rather take this easy way out over G being arrested/exposed and with murder charge. And I'm also glad G didn't kill Janvier, he and the team once again proved they were good and could fight back, setting up a good plan without actual planning time and being capable of handling the situation. The ep does fall into 'dismissing it' category, but not 'acting like none of it happened' kind, so I'm okay with it.

The other part is... sad, I think. We lost Renko and Hunter and we can never have them back and I still haven't gotten over it. We also lost the opportunity to see the consequences if things really were what we thought, that G killed a man to avenge and protect his people (Sam and Hetty). If G really was driven to the extreme edge, what it would be like**, and if G really did it, how Sam would react to it. It's a loss they used it with this easy way out, because if they want to rehash it in the future, it means it has to be even bigger and most likely it's going to be either Sam or Hetty and I DO NOT WANT IT. So please don't ever try to rehash it, show. But yes, lost opportunity...

As for Sam and G... It wasn't exactly what the show teased us with, it was a play and not real conflict and it *is* disappointing. But play or not the one thing is clear: Sam was worried about G, and he was hating they had to let G go on lone-wolfing, send him out there without backup when G wasn't perfectly himself, and I think that should be enough for me (for now).

And that 'no words are needed' moment when Sam hands G his badge and gun and is assessing and making sure G is okay and G's smirking back with the trademark smirk...

[3 gifs: Sam & G]

And for some reason it occurred to me while writing this - in S4 I really, really want to see what G means to Sam, who he is to Sam. We know there's going to be 'Hanna, S' (and 'Deeks, M' too?) ep(s) in this season, and I don't know what it'll be like, but I would love to see 'what G is to Sam' explored at some point.

Overall, not a spectacular, but an okay premiere. I do hope this season kicks ass and gives us more Sam & G like S1 though! If Kensi/Deeks is going to happen (and I'm rooting for it) I want same amount of Sam/G lovin' too. ;D I'm just SO happy it's back!

This one is way too big for Tumblr but I don't want to cut any more frames to reduce the size, so I'll just post it here.

[gif: G from last scene]

*I'm Tumblr free for longer than a week (lol, isn't that impressive?) aside from posting my own stuff and I don't feel like going back there fully anytime soon. There's always a feeling/fear of 'missing something good out' which I hate the most, but I'm never happy or comfortable with my fandoms (more precisely, NCIS: LA) over there. Which is a shame, as it's quite useful and resourceful place, and it's very inspirational and exciting to see other people/fandom's fantastic creations. Maybe I should unfollow all NCIS: LA related blogs?

**I do think G *was* pushed to the edge and I would have loved to see more of it. I don't think they'd bring that up again since everything was good in OSP now. :( (If I drag on this it could frustrate me so I won't! I need to keep my zen state in place...)
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