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This is my Brainstorming/Roundup but is actually a Dear Diary Post

... And also a really quick and unnecessarily long one since I can never do the to-the-point talk. Anyway.

Cold War

Biggest fannish moment of the last week: willwork4dean's EPIC Cold War (NCIS: LA/Sam/G) was finished! (The whole 32,573 words of AWESOMENESS and I die gleeing.) OMG the epilogue... it's really over now. ;_; And everything is wrapped up/played out so beautifully it couldn't have been any better than that. I really didn't see it coming (mainly because I have no imagination, and maybe because I just didn't want it to end and refused to think about it), though I should probably have, the author is really good at it, keep everything in check and following through various themes she has put on. She also said she wanted to give a sense of 'the guys having come full circle' in the epilogue and THAT IS IT, that is what made it so perfect. I'm sucker for this kind of thing - I don't know how to describe it but, a sense of everything coming together, you know? And things coming back to the very beginning in the end, etc. (UUGGHH the end of Chapter 12... such a beautiful scene still makes me cry.) Now 'Sam's touch/words bringing G back' picture has gotten SO CLEAR in my head it's officially my canon.

I also loved seeing G at ease of letting Sam know what he wants and letting him take care of him. (Actually the author talks about it 10,000% better than me of course so I recommend you to look up the comment section on AO3 or on LJ to read her thoughts behind the process. I seriously love being able to read them, it's like getting DVD extras!) I still remember when G said he didn't need sleep to heal/re-fuel, but after the incident his condition got really bad and he still couldn't sleep at all even though he was extremely exhausted (and G *doesn't* sleep, but still) - that really was painful to 'watch'. But now this G, he can admit that he needs sleep and wants Sam to deliver it to him... it warms up my heart. And Sam can and loves to do that. I'm so, so happy for both of them.

Another thing I also love, love, LOVE about this story is that every chapter reads (or could be read) like a standalone, they all have their own little story and theme in them, and no chapter is wasted and unnecessary. (First chapter really shows it, it's very atmospheric and promising and still feels like very 'pro' and - it totally riveted me when I first read it. Still does. It's one great lead-in.) There's laugh, there are tears, there's happiness and despair, hopes and regrets, fights and conflicts and adventures. Sometimes it's like watching rom-com (or sitcom), sometimes it's full-on action movie, sometimes it's foreign movie in the language you don't understand and just have to let yourself feel, or the tragedy or drama or simply, pure romance. And all in all it's still very 'this show' and Sam & G and it's just plain amazing.

And the title. Oh the title. I totally didn't see the real (or various) meanings it has in itself when the story started, to me it just meant *the* Cold War at first. But as the story progressed I started to see there are just SO MANY and SO MUCH about what title says. The 'war' between Sam and G - and the 'cold' G struggle to beat/overcome physically and mentally (*what* cold means to him, what it did/has been doing to him, and Sam is the one who can break it and bring warmth back in him) - and of course the Cold War - there's probably tons more I haven't picked up. And I just marvel at the genius of the author.

*sigh* What a fantastic, awesome story. I can talk about it for hours or even days. I never wanted their voyage to end, but beautiful things always have to come to an end and while it's sad and I'll miss the story dearly, it's just so great to see it get completed and to have it as a whole story. It's one tremendous journey and literally made my entire summer. Saying 'I loved it' seems like an understatement - it feels like I lived and breathed every single minute of it. And I cannot thank the author enough for this wonderful experience. I'm going to re-read it for a millionth time as soon as I'm ready for another ride, as a finished story and not WIP at this time. And I just can't wait to see what it'll be like!

(And her next Sam/G story is already on its way!!!!!11111!! She's said it'd be even more EPIC. OH AM I EXCITED UNCONTROLLABLY.)

And I was just looking through icon comms and saw this lovely icon by babyara in this post (there's also this another great one by icons_of_isis, which can be found in this post) and went back to the ep to check that scene ~thoroughly (it's 1x09 Random on Purpose, aka Abby in LA ep) and capped it and... (click for bigger as usual)

LOOK. LOOK. THESE CAPS. THEY GIVE ME SO MANY SAM/G/COLD WAR FEELS I CAN'T EVEN. *FLAILS* It's really not THAT kind of scene as you can see but still, ZOMG. I should probably do frame by frame capping later and just post caps to stare at them. Or make gifs...

And I found out that G did get a full hug from Abby, plus a kiss on the cheek! But Abby is allowed to and can hug ANYONE, it's cosmic rule so I shouldn't be surprised (she also hugged Sam and Eric and just about everyone). But damn they look so cute, I can almost ship them. Almost. (I also can't help but look at his hair, how it looks so soft and shimmering even with the cut!)

(Also it's as if on cue the fall came over here for real - temperature dropped significantly, the air is chilling and the skies and clouds are definitely the fall ones. Makes me feel all over again it really is a memorable summer, it's like even the seasons are following the story and have waited to change until it ended. But then I've been hit by nasty seasonal hay fever (in spring it's cedar pollen, in fall it's rice they say) - I don't know if it's the work from hell last week that started it, but anyway since then numerous tissue boxes are my friend. Just lovely.)


Speaking of the coming of the fall, NCIS: LA's Season 4 premiere is on Tuesday (Wednesday here)! asdgfhgjhkjlk;lasdgfhgjhkjlk;l I tried to watch a couple of sneak peak bits (especially Sam/G one) but the moment the clip started I shut the window down. I just... couldn't. Probably because even if I wanted to watch more there's non? Guess I'll have to wait for the ep. And I'll be on short trip this week leaving on Tuesday night (tonight) coming back on Friday, so I'm not able to catch it up on time D: or I probably should say I'm never able to catch it up on time. I don't like watching the shows on choppy live streaming, and with the time difference it's impossible even if wanted to, so for me it's downloading/watching when I have time/feel like it. So naturally I'll always be a couple days late for the latest ep. But I don't hate spoilers so if somebody from NCIS: LA fandom reads this and will plan to have reaction posts on their journal or elsewhere, I really appreciate it if you could let me know so that I can check them out. I love reading other people's thoughts on eps/characters/shows and there's like non for this show and it saddens me no end. :( (And I *HATE* with passion to look up Tumblr for that purpose.) This is the first time in years I'll be following an ongoing show from its season premiere so I'm pretty excited and very anxious about it at the same time! I wish some of NCIS: LA comms on LJ (or even DW) resurrect themselves and will start having ep reaction/discussion posts again - not that there was great traffic ever, but still. For the life of me I can't run it myself (re: time difference and devastating lack of language skill) but I'd gladly help run it if that helps...


I don't know how it happened but it's already Yuletide season! (Yuletide on fanlore wiki | FAQ on AO3) I'm pretty excited about this too, last three years NCIS: LA always got nominated and got great treats, so I'm really looking forward to seeing new stories added for this year's Yuletide too. :D And I have SO MANY rare fandoms I hope somehow gets nommed/req'ed/filled.


Nominations: September 24th - October 3rd IT'S OPEN NOW!
Cleanup and Public Eligibility Review: October 4th - 14th
Signups: October 15th - 28th
Assignments: Early November
Assignments Due: December 22nd

I'm no writer so I can't participate but I will nominate my beloved rare fandoms anyway! Is anyone planning to nominate/request/participate? Have you decided what you're going to nominate? Or are you still brainstorming? If so, let me know and I'll see if I can add your 'not top 3 ones' to my list, since my nominations are REALLY rare and NOBODY will request/fill them. So if I can help you, I'll just ditch mine and nominate yours for more reasonable/productive cause.

Here's my Top 3 *dream* list so far (and ALL of them are COD related. How surprising, haha.)

Two and a Half Men (Season 1 Episode 18)
(I love this ep SO MUCH! I want to flail over it so hard! It's been my lift-me-up TV episode for last six months, and has never failed to cheer me up so far. I tried to find the clips on YouTube to link here but couldn't find one. I can't find anything on YT, seriously. :/ It's just a tiny ~300MB file so if anyone wants it let me know and I'll have it up for you asap.)
The Company (TNT mini-series 2007)
Head Cases (Fox, 2005)
(So much love for these two shows too, also there's just so much could be written about.)

If I have to write 'Dear Yuletide Author Letter' (which only the participants are going to write), I can totally do that for those three like now. I know what I want to read about them. I'll probably do it anyway to 'get them out of my system' lol. But I'll probably be rational and request like last year; CHAOS (2011 TV), Wimbledon (movie 2004), and probably Wet Hot American Summer or Valentine's Day, since the A-Team is ineligible as it has its own seasonal exchange.

Also, there's [community profile] yuletart for this year too! It's a multifandom art exchange, not limited only to rare fandoms like Yuletide. I really, really want to sign up even though I really, really shouldn't because 1) I never finish anything, and on time and 2) I still owe two of my LJ friends (who are eternally patient, lovely people) birthday gift/auction stuff and it's been months since I promised *headwall* and 3) it's art/craft exchange and no graphics are allowed so if I sign up I have to draw! And I haven't drawn ANYTHING for DECADES. So I have ZERO drawing experience, ZERO equipment to draw manually or digitally, and I'm going to have to BUY it. But I've been wanting to tackle fanart thing for so long, and this might be a great chance to start it.

Yuletart Schedule for 2012

September 17 - 30: Sign-Ups. Sign-ups ONLY for people who want to create art
October 01 - October 14: Prompts Claim
October 18: Assignments handed out no later than this date
November 12-18: Artist check-in. This is required for all participants who have claimed prompts
November 19: Stocking stuffers and pinch hitters to claim prompts
Any participant who did not have any of their prompts claimed will be shown priority. Stocking stuffer claims will be casual, first-come, first serve and entirely optional
November 25: Deadline for first claims due (not for pinch hitters)
December 01: Posting of giftart begins!
December 09: Deadline for second claims due
December 16: Pinch hits due
December 23: Last call for stocking stuffers
January 02: Wrap up!

Also it's an art EXCHANGE and works just like Yuletide: if I sign up and fill someone's prompts (which will most likely be the fandom I have no knowledge AT ALL), someone will do mine, and I will of course request NCIS: LA/Sam/G so it means I'll most definitely get me Sam/G art done by someone who isn't me! ZOMG isn't this amazing?!?! :D I want all the fanart and vids and fanmixes and basically anything about these two but once again, there's like non. So this is a pretty big chance to change that! One can submit up to 5 prompts so if I want to make sure I should make all five Sam/G. But I would totally love me Touching Evil/Creegan/Rivers art too, so I think I'll make four Sam/G and one Creegan/Rivers. If you have any ideas for prompts or have something particular you'd like to request, I'd so love to hear that - I suck at coming up with prompts. >.<

Wow that really got unnecessarily long, I seriously have no idea what I actually wrote. That's why I never do this kind of post, lol. Anyway, I really, really hope 4x01 will be a good one and blow us all away with Sam/G goodness and make people RAWR. And if somebody from the fandom reads this - I hope you enjoy it, and PLEASE let me know how it was and what you thought about it, okay? ;D

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