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Um, so.

Past few weeks, I've spent my entire free time (and not so free time) (and work time) (so basically my entire living life) for obsessing over this amazing NCIS: LA/Sam & G story Cold War written by the wonderful faviconwillwork4dean. Seriously, read it. Or if you don't like getting into WIP, at least bookmark it for future read. It's just... ksjhf;skjdhf;akjshg FANTASTIC. You can read the story and follow the updates here @ ncisla_slash or here on AO3 (and subscribe to the author/the story). And when you enjoyed it, you should tell her how much you love it!

I was working on to make a graphic post with the graphics I made between the updates to keep me sane, but then found a bunch of pics in my pic stash that screamed out 'COLD WAR!!!!!' (right now everything I see becomes about Cold War, though). So here I present you a quick, mini picspam! If you've read it you can see why I thought so, I believe. :)

Dedicated to the ever so awesome willwork4dean. ♥

1x14 'LD50' - Behind the Scenes

It's the ep about the botulinus auction, where Sam pushing G in to the fountain and sticking him the needle with antidote to save his life and G bitching 'you know I hate needles'. *g* (Source:, but sadly their gallery is once again down so I can't make sure. Pics are big, click for full size.)




Love the way Chris tilting his head and their bodies kinda in sync.

!!! There's something about this pic... *_*

+ episode stills from the same scene (all in original size)





G/COD in hoodie, with ~slightly long sleeves

I've always been wanting to do 'G/COD's clothes always being a tiny bit too big for him' (© willwork4dean) pic post, but now she's fueling my kinks, I think it really is in order in near future. Do you guys have something to share, or recall any particular eps which have G in a-bit-too-big-for-him clothes so apparently like 1x24? If so, please spam them in the comments so that I can add them in the upcoming post, or point me the eps/scenes and I'll cap them! (Or of course you can go first and do the post yourself and share it with us, I'd seriously love you for that.)

(Source: 2010-05-05 (filming of 1x24 'Callen, G', which is hoodies!sleeves!fest, also crying!G fest) & 2010-07-22 (filming of 2x01))

Sleeves! And smiles!

Even with cuts on the head! (It's because he rolled the car in the ep and not because he shaved his hair himself, but still! Cold War moments!)





+ Not particulary fic-related non-sleeves pics. (I'm posting them to only cover all pics from the source, so that I don't need to worry if I saved them all or not later.)

Sam? :D

Crying!G, from 1x24 Callen, G


(original screencap, 1280x720)
(Source: me. LOL)

Bonus: Batman and Robin art, I just saw it on Tumblr and couldn't resist adding it! Because everything in this pic practically screams Sam & G (especially in this story), don't you think?! (It's amazing how much those two look like Sam and G! Batman even has a dimple!)

(Click for bigger!)

I hope you enjoyed the post! And don't forget to check out the story and when you liked it, make sure to leave feedback and/or kudos. :)
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