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NCIS: LA/cast icons + COD/LLCJ gifs + The Company mini spam for your G Callen h/c inspiration

- I'm abusing spoiler tag in this post. Does anyone know if it actually helps image heavy posts load faster or not?
- Urgh motion sickness I got while making gifs in this post. >>_>> That's one of many reasons I almost never make them. Bow to the great, tireless graphic makers @ Tumblr!

So as always, to make this at least if only slightly legit NCIS: LA/Sam/G/LLCJ/COD post, a handful of icons and gifs:


[GIF: COD & LLCJ from TV Guide covershoot #1 (2009)]

Um okay so, The Company. It's a miniseries aired on TNT in 2007, set in Cold War era where Chris O'Donnell played a freshly out of Yale young CIA agent Jack McAuliffe. I recently watched it and the awful (I mean AWFUL) wigs he wore aside, the entire production/cast/acting was quite brilliant - even his acting wasn't that bad! - and I'm kind of all over it right now. (I'd totally dig fic for it, if such thing exists.)

And while it's almost stoically a chronicle of the Cold War espionage and not really a character driven dramatic!kind of emotional!drama, it's sort of, no definitely, full of emotional *AND* physical hurt for Jack with very little comfort and I know I probably see too much into it, but it's just... so inspiring and gives you a lot of ideas! And I can't help thinking about G. Like, his time in Russia and Eastern Europe and any other part in the world, the missions he and Gibbs did, or even his time in the foster care, or just another OSP undercover operation goes wrong, G ends up in peril, team frantically tries to find him, blah omg so cliché blah blah blah. Hurt-but-'I-am-so-fine-and-no-I-don't-need-you-or-anyone-else'!G and too-worried-almost-losing-himself-going-ballistic-caring-motherhen!Sam (I do love it vice-versa too, i.e. something happens to Sam and G goes berserk/falls apart).

And like the person with horrible, diiiirrrrty mind I am, I took ~some caps, mostly of the ouchie moments, and had too much fun with them than I should. And thought maybe they could give you inspiration and then you could write me fic? LOL. *cough* My dreadful birthday is 18th by the way? *cough* So here's mini spam, just try to ignore the Wigs of Doom and focus on h/c moments. ;D

WARNING: Pics are mainly from Episode 2 (Night 2), where Jack was [abducted by AVH (Hungarian Secret Police) and tortured, so there's a bit of blood naturally] but I think it's nothing major compared to the things you see in the shows like Supernatural? It also will spoil you the series, so enter at your own risk! Each cap is two times bigger so click once to get the actual size (but smaller previews actually look better than original). Gifs are all in original size.

I spent half of my day for making this gif and the other half for staring at it. I officially have no life.

[I'm too lazy to make text gifs] Ebby: At least have Doc Patterson check you out.

 Jack: I'm fine.

 Ebby: Maybe you can give me a hand with something then... if you're feeling all fine and dandy.

 Jack: What do you got?


Are you thinking what I'm thinking? No? REALLY??? There's no way I'm the only one! Oh, the wonder cutout moments can do to one's dirty mind.

I want someone to hug him.

And after all the ouchies Chris thinks something nicer are in order. His man LL Cool J agrees.


Thanks for viewing, I hope you enjoyed it! And don't forget to let me know when you write fic. :) & ♥
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