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Prompts: The A-Team/NCIS: Los Angeles crossover

[Edited June 19 2014]: 2014 me is looking back at this post is like '??????' because I have no idea why it even starts with the line that I don't like AUs - that's not even true! I honestly don't know why I wrote this way. I still LOVE the idea of 'The A-Teams: Los Angeles' though and *still* planning to do crossover art/gifset someday. Like I said in the post I wasn't really sure of prompt #2 back then; that was my poor attempt to lure my fellow A-Team fans into watching NCIS: LA that obviously failed. But re-reading it now I find myself not feeling that much awkward or guilty over it. TBH revisiting this whole post has just made me all excited and feel creative if I say so myself!]

Honestly I'm not that enthusiastically into crossovers (or AUs, even). But this idea of having my favourite fandoms and two Awesome Teams in one place had struck me hard a while ago and has stayed with me since. Now I get why people want crossovers! lol

(Haha, look at these tags. I'm so going to use them on Tumblr when I post gifs for this crossover ~someday.)

Prompt 1: Undercover!Face and G and reunion, A-Team/OSP joint op

Originally posted here on ateam_prompts.

Warning: long prompt. I hope there's someone watches/likes this slashy, lovely, fun little show on meme, and gets why I want this crossover so, so bad. Because you know...

Both Templeton Peck and G Callen are orphans. Callen was sent to over 37 different foster homes when he was growing up and I think it's possible Face and G had met at some point in the past.

Being fluent in Russian, maybe they are both undercover in the present day and meet in the middle of big arms deal or something without knowing each other's real identity or purpose. Each or one of them recognise the other but can't figure out what it means on the instant (if the other is really one of thugs or not), or they don't recognise at all. Things blow up, they end up helping each other out to get out of the mess. Their real identities get revealed and this leads it up to A-Team/OSP* joint operation. A-Team to do the job and OSP to solve the case, ultimately to catch the bad guys, with Face and G as lead players - one the world's best conman and the brightest lieutenant, the other the legendary undercover operative in every federal agency.

[*OSP = the Office of Special Projects, means what they do is going undercover all the time]

Sample maybes/ideas:
- Turns out Hannibal and Hetty are old friends (does she call Hannibal 'John' or 'Mr. Smith'?). They compete to make it clear who's the Boss and in charge. May have a talk about Morrison too
- Being a former SEAL, Sam's heard enough of A-Team myths and legends
- Face shows Deeks who's got skills, who's the Best and the Real Pretty
- Face and G are each other's 'first' (male attraction, kiss, or anything comes to author's mind)
- BA and Sam two 'Big Guy's do sparring sessions
- Murdock screws Nate around, he's way beyond crazy and amazing for Nate's pesky psyche analysis (disclaimer: I ♥ Nate)
- Murdock and Eric befriend (oh he's gonna love all the cool buttons and toys in Ops!)
- Murdock loves Hetty and her mad tea party; he becomes addicted to her horrible tea
- Murdock flies chopper for OSP members
- Hannibal and Sam share some sort of understandings about Face and G, about being the constant/anchor of their XO/partner
- Bring Lynch in (along with Pike <3), with Trent Kort (CIA operative who appeared on original NCIS recurringly also on LA once, who had worked with G in the past)
- Bring Sosa in; she and Kensi two bad-ass!ladies meet and collide and fall in love
- Bring Gibbs in so that we can have two hottest silver foxes in a row \o/ (Gibbs and G were partners (not that partners sadly...) back in 90's)

(The list goes on and on.)

I'm H/F (and Sam/G) person apparently, but any pairings or no pairings are welcomed. This prompt might look too much of a case fic, but really it's just an excuse to let them meet and reunite. Basically I'd love anything you do with these two fandoms and two Awesome Teams, with a little bit of focus on Face and G. Any ratings, gen or slash or het, total crack or plotty one, funny or angsty, drabble or longish one, anything will do.

Bonus coconut curry tapenade with toast points if Face and G make comments about each other's hair, like Face saying he hasn't recognised G because of the lack of his hair (because with longish hair G would be like this) and G asking where's Face's shiny blonde hair XD

And it's LA after all, so it really could happen. In other words: Please make it happen, dear meme!

Prompt 2: Face and G, Temp's foster brother

Originally posted here on ateam_prompts.

So to be honest, I myself don't even actually know how much I want this one. I have to admit it was sort of false attempt to draw writers' attention using little!lost!mistreated!boy!Face in the system as a bait, as it's one of fandom's favourite tropes. And quite obviously, failed. lol

Spamming the meme with one more crossover prompt, sorry. So if you could explore 'kids in the system' possibility...

When Face and G were situated in same place, some bad Father or abusive foster father made an attempt to hurt Face. G put himself in the way and didn't back down. Because for G there once was an older foster brother who was beaten to death by drunken foster father, he's sorry he didn't do anything to stop it back then (canon fact), and he didn't want to make same mistake. Crazy reprimand or beating happened but it also caught people's attention and got them out of the current group home/foster home. They were sent to next different wherever the places and lost touch.

Maybe G did it for himself and not for Face, and maybe bad things just never stopped happening to Face, but it didn't change the fact for him that G is the first (and last before Hannibal) who stood up to protect him and Face always remembers. Maybe he tried to locate G once he's joined the Army (maybe just to see if G's still alive or not), but with G being deep undercover all over the world and hopping one agency to another, it was impossible even for Face. And then after all these years, they meet.

Insert Prompt 1 here, or play it however you'd like. Any pairings/no pairings, any ratings, anything. (Again, I'm H/F person so if you go for H/F, I'm curious to know if Face ever told Hannibal about G - doubtful imo, because it also might bring out some other unpleasant memories and shit, I don't think Face is willing to share those with Hannibal.)
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