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NCIS: LA 3.23 & 3.24 'Sans Voir'

Just finished watching two hour finale.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Renko! My baby!!! ;___________;

And Kensi! It was just like after The Bank Job (1.15) when those two flirted (?) and then... why all the heartbreaks and deaths for Kensi. ;_;


Hunter! D: D: D:


So he wasn't jinxed and getting shot, but *he* shot and killed Chameleon! D: Why did they leave G of all people alone to deal with him for god's sake (in the boatshed and in the van)? Why? He's the Lone Wolf™! He does EXTREME that's extremely ultimate!

And his face. The very last shot of the ep, sure, and that's like the BEST poster boy look he's ever done, but I think what's got me is the look on his face when he's got cuffed. (:((((( <-- And it was just like this.) One of those typical G. Callen's Sad Faces™, but but but. HIS FACE. ;__; And what's going on in his head and his beautifully messed up psych right now, we have no idea!

How are they going to fix this? What's going to happen next? Even if all of this mess is sorted out, does this mean no more undercover for G? (HELL NO.)

And where has Sam been? Yes he was there, but to me he really wasn't there... I need more Sam! G needs Sam. :(

This is exactly why I HATE getting into ongoing shows! Stupid messy cliffhangers that fuck with my head, the wait for new season, then even more stupid premieres that solve nothing and leave so many loose ends and what's left is screwed up canon. What am I gonna do until September??? (Oh I have PLENTY to do to actually catch up everything with this show as I'm still new, but URGH.)

Have to think about it more thoroughly later but for now: G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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