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Help needed! ;_; Chris O'Donnell/LL Cool J/NCIS: LA pictures

In a mere hope of someone out there seeing this and kindly helping me out...

Long story long, my computer died in March and along with it went all the COD/LL Cool J/NCIS: LA pictures that I had fervently saved. Being fairly a new fan back then (and still is) I hadn't copied them to my external hard drive and everything is lost.

I've finally got a new computer (it's MAY for god's sake), and I want to go back to work on COD moodtheme I was making, so I thought it's time to rebuild my collection. Went to, my main COD resource, only to find out it's now defunct! D: Don't know if it's temporary or not. It's great seems to be up and running again but it barely has anything at the moment, sadly. COD France is an amazing site, but I'd really prefer to have images without watermark if possible... I don't really use Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook and I'm fatally clueless about them. Is any LL Cool J fansite out there?

So I was wondering - if you could share your picture collection/your favourites to help me start my new one, or point me to the right direction, that would be heavenly. Please comment here or PM me or send email to wallflower18 at gmail dot com, ANY and EVERY help is greatly appreciated! I know it's a lot to ask, but I'm getting really anxious and desperate.

(Particularly DESPERATE for Sacoor Brothers collection Chris did - he just looked so gorgeous in that shoot and I LOVED it. I used to have all the pictures from Chris catalog, simply saved them from (Chris only, Chris with the girl, girl only, kids only, the backstage video they had put on the top page, everything). They run a new collection now and Chris pics/vid are all gone! ;_; Has anyone saved them? Or is there any way to retrieve those from cache or something?)

Also, any recommendations for NCIS: LA related galleries or resources? I never seem to be able to find anything on the internet. PLEASE help out the newbie - thank you!

EDIT 2012-06-05: is back online! OMGYAYAYAYAAAAAY!!! I'm kind of embarrassed I made such a scene everywhere (especially on LJ) but I'm just glad and happy and SO RELIEVED it's running again. \o/\o/\o/ & ;_; & ♥♥♥ But I'm *still* looking for the entire Sacoor Brothers collection. So really, any help would be greatly appreciated!
Tags: actor: chris o'donnell, actor: ll cool j, tv: ncis: los angeles, {p}, {sticky}
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