Sat (wallflower18) wrote,

Drive-by Pimpage

- The mighty lemonpunch is hosting new round of ic0nfest! Have been admiring stills/screencaps of your favousite actors/actresses/characters/movies/tv showsscenes? Or wanting some icons with your favourite quotes? Or new art/stock icons? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Request, get them filled (hopefully), squee! When I requested something in the past fest, I ALWAYS got fantastic fills by amazingly talented iconmakers. So much fun and too many pretties! Round 7 runs May 7th to 14th!

- Okay it's kinda too last minute to pimp this but there's Request Fest rolling on for Three Weeks For Dreamwidth on [community profile] smallbatchicons, posting requests is open until FRIDAY MAY 11TH (TODAY to many of you). Masterpost here, take a look, post your requests and/or see if there's requests that inspire you! They accept any fandom or non fandom, read the rules before requesting and go dive into the fun! (What is 3W4DW anyway?)

- [personal profile] lunchee is once again offering her amazing talent for the great cause, this time for OTW/AO3, details here. Every US$10 will get you 3,000 words - with a cap of 15,000 words. And she's willing to podfic any fandoms - isn't this fantastic?!?! She has a lovely, lovely accent that for sure will perfectly fit/work for Primeval fic, and she has recorded so many different fandoms including several American TV shows/film fandoms, and those podfics are fantastic too, so if you've been wanting some of your stories or your favourite fic to be podficced, you just cannot miss this chance! All (or most) of her podfics have streaming available: you can check them out on AO3, on DW and on LJ, so you don't even have to download them to give them a try! Her work is a total listening pleasure, even if you're unfamiliar with her fandoms (which is my case). Highly recommended!
Tags: !pimp, donation (not to me), fandom auction, podfic squee, {p}
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