Sat (wallflower18) wrote,

Smallest & quickest icon post ever

So, new TV Guide photoshoot video! LINK, BECAUSE YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE IT YOURSELF IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. OMGSOCUTE*SQUEE**EXPLODES**DIES*ILOVEYOUTWOSOVERYMUCH. (Again, thank you so much for the heads-up willwork4dean ♥) I may have gone a little too crazy and made those in record time (to me anyway). Would like to make more or try animated ones once I get my auction stuff done (the offer is still open by the way!) but I'm not sure.

Sorry for blah colouring and too much red/pink/yellow-ness, I have yet to find a way to beat those 'washed out' looks TV Guide videos generally have, and when I try to bring out the colours I tend to go on pink too much (and my current pale, shiny screen wasn't helping either). Caps by me, my resources, no credit needed but please don't claim as your own and hotlink.

<-- AHAHAHA sorry for the possible inappropriateness but I COULDN'T RESIST.

Thanks for viewing!
Tags: !icons, actor: chris o'donnell, actor: ll cool j, tv: ncis: los angeles, {p}
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