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Happy birthday to the lovely, ever so wonderful lukadreaming; new JM & Chaos icons

Happy birthday, my dear lukadreaming! Have a wonderful and special day - weeks - a year!! *sending lots of kisses and hugs*

To celebrate, here's new James Murray & Chaos icon batch - ugh why is it so hard to icon this show these icons suuuuck but - I hope you like! And if you need something specific and/or customised, please let me know. :)

[20 total]
[01-06] James Murray
[07-18] Chaos Billy Collins
+ 2 old Chaos graphics



Plus very old ones I've just found in my Chaos folder:

I'm pretty sure I made this using lukadreaming's Billy Dreams as an inspiration but forgot to include it in previous Chaos post.

And the base of Chaos Big Bang banner I made and used for promoting right_bastards back in September last year. Feel free to take/use/edit *IF* you like it.

Thanks for viewing and once again happy birthday, Luka! - No hotlinking - My Resources
Tags: !graphics: other, !icons, actor: james murray, tv: chaos, {p}
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