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Prompt: NCIS: Los Angeles: Pretty!G

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I have this crazy, stupid idea stuck in my head since 1x19 "Hand-to-Hand" and I was hoping someone could help me out.

In the ep, Sam and G tease Kensi about Deeks' alias Jason Wyler, that she's smitten with him.

Kensi: Something about him set off a warning bell.
G: Maybe it was his baby blues.
Sam: Or his fluffy hair.

And I was like, WAIT WHAT??? Don't get me wrong ECO/Deeks fans, I like him enough. And I'm getting a feeling that this is not what LA fandom often does - 'fangirl'ing the actors - but this is my kind of pretty:

(This is like the fluffiest hair and the babiest blues, IMO.)


1) I was wondering if there's fic focuses on how attractive G is. Like, Sam really appreciates his handsome partner/boyfriend, or something cliché as in G going undercover to seduce the guy who's into guys (and surprisingly or natually G's very good at it and the target falls for him).

2) And if there isn't, I'm hoping someone takes/adopts this challenge/request/bunny:

For some reason G grows (or has to grow) his hair without anyone seeing him until he gets the look similar in the picture above. And when team see him like that for the first time on screen or in person, they all go *O_O* *GASP* *FALLOFFTHECHAIR* because um, he just looks so different and drop dead gorgeous and oh-em-G beautiful. They may LOFL at first but then realization hits; this really is the Serious Pretty.

And I totally have no idea how and why it even happens. Long time assignment that needs G with longer hair with zero visual contact to the team?* He's captured and held by some psycho warlord who has hair fetish and forces G to grow his hair? Or Hetty really is a witch and changes him into Prince Charming? Or maybe he's injected some kind of experimental drug that magically grows only just hair (not facial or other body parts' unwanted one) and isn't aware of that, falls asleep on the couch in bullpen, then wakes up next morning with mop of blond hair?

*I know, the hardest part would be how in the hell to keep him hold back from cutting his own hair, even for the most important and biggest case ever. Maybe he's brainwashed by the government or something? Just kidding.

Bonus donuts if it's Sam/G and I'm so curious to see Sam's reactions to it. He totally digs it or pretends he isn't interested but actually is mesmerized, or doesn't really care what G looks like because G's G and that's all matters to him?

The hair thing doesn't have to be the main focus/subject of the story. Preferably present!G w/longer hair rather than the appearance of young!G or old pic of him (and oh, this DEA!G from 10 years ago from 1x07 doesn't count as w/longer hair), but anything would be great. Funny or angsty, serious or crack-y, short or long, gen or slash, anything! I just want everyone (including G himself if possible) to see/realize he's the beauty and someone suicidal to decide to try telling G he's actually kinda pretty/beautiful, not 'hot' or 'good looking,' even if they're going to be gunned down by him for that.

3) And if anyone knows better places to ask/prompt such things (other active NCIS: LA slash friendly comms, multifandom kink memes, etc.), please let me know, any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read! XD

Updated 2012-04-14: OMG OMG O. M. G. The amazing willwork4dean has filled this crazy request! Go check it out, I demand you and I promise you won't regret it, it's terrific.

Personal Effects by willwork4dean / faviconwillwork4dean
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Epilogue ~ Now the entire story is available on AO3 too!
Tags: !prompts, tv: ncis: los angeles, why don't you write me fic?, willwork4dean is awesome
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