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65 icons: The A-Team (the movie 2010 & TV) + movie cast, Touching Evil (US)

Icon batch for my latest obsession/total life ruiner, namely The A-Team and its cast (well... BRADLEY COOPER). I know I'm always so late for the fun, but OMG this fandom just OWNS. Amazing, kick-ass franchise with prettiest and awesomest cast (both TV series and the movie), very talented and productive writers write amazing stories, lovely and giving people interact so well. I'm completely in love with it, haven't felt this fannishly satisfied/blessed for a long, long time. *is ecstatic* Another great fandom to hang around! I just wish there'd be more people dive into this fandom so that we could share/spread the fun even more. (And if you're curious - take a look at ateam_prompts, it's a busy, fun place. ;))

A little pimp at the VERY last minute: a_tsecretsanta (The A-Team slash secret santa exchange) is open for sign-ups until October 30. So if you're a writer and love The A-Team and slash, hurry up and join the festive fun! :D

Everything is snaggable and credit isn't required. Originally posted here and here at ateam_prompts.

[65 total, includes insane amount of alternates]
[01-49] The A-Team (2010)
[50-51] The A-Team (TV series)
[52-62] Movie cast related (Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley and Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson)
[63-65] Touching Evil (US)


The A-Team 2010




*#48&49 aren't technically The A-Team icons, but they are in this section as they're inspired by sonora_coneja's epic (and I mean it, EPIC) A-Team fics.


Movie cast

#61: Globe Trekker (Alaska), #62: Wet Hot American Summer (2001).

Touching Evil (US) (Oh my, this series is so so SO good, I checked it only for Bradley but now it's one of my favourite TV shows. Definitely more icons to come.)

Thanks for viewing! :)

- Resources
- The Movie caps by me, plus a few from this set by dj43.
- Touching Evil, Wet Hot American Summer, Globe Trekker caps by me.
- TV series caps: Google search, I think... if anybody knows where the good quality screencaps of TV series can be found, PLEASE let me know.
Tags: !icons, actor: bradley cooper, actor: liam neeson, actor: quinton 'rampage' jackson, actor: sharlto copley, fandom: the a-team, film: the a-team, tv: the a-team, tv: touching evil, {p}
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