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Pimp: Fall Fandom Free-For-All

A multifandom challenge, run by oxoniensis, 22nd September - 18th November 2011. Click the banner to see the master challenge post (new window will open).

This is a multifandom, all-fanworks, free-for-all! Basically, request any fanworks you would like – fic, art, videos – in any fandom. In return, you offer to make something for someone else.

How it works:

1. You post a comment requesting up to ten items, i.e. no more than ten. The items can be a mixture of the following three different types of fanwork: fiction (includes podfic), vids or art (art includes icons, wallpaper, banners, fic covers, mood themes, gifs etc). Ask for any fandom at all, including RPF, and if you'd like original fic or stock icons, feel free to request those too. Do say, though, if you don't want to share icons.

2. Only one comment per person. If you think of something after you've posted, you can edit your comment up until someone replies to it!

3. Be specific about fandom/genre/crossovers etc. Long or short prompts are fine, or just a character or pairing if you've nothing specific in mind.


For more rules and examples, go see the masterpost -- I hope you too join the challenge and have some fun! :D
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