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Masterpost: Chaos (CBS TV series, 2011)

**Updated December 4, 2014**

Clockwise from the right top: Eric Close as Michael Dorset, James Murray as Billy Collins, Tim Blake Nelson as Casey Malick, Freddy Rodríguez as Rick Martinez.

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CHAOS is a comedic drama about a group of rogue CIA spies in the Office of Disruptive Services (ODS), who combat threats to national security amidst bureaucratic gridlock, rampant incompetence and political infighting.

With outdated technology and limited supplies, the ODS team tackles high-risk foreign intelligence missions using manipulation, deception and wit to succeed. Rick Martinez was dismayed when his dream job as a spy was eliminated due to budget cuts on his first day; however, CIA Deputy Director H.J. Higgins, a calculating mastermind and head of the Clandestine Homeland Administration and Oversight Services (CHAOS), recognizes an opportunity and manipulates Rick into being his mole inside the secretive ODS department.

*ASSUMED* episode order (based on production code, not officially confirmed)
[#assumed episode order (production code): episode title (aired order)]
#01 (1ASM79): Pilot (1x01)
#02 (1ASM01): Core Fortitude (1x08)
#03 (1ASM02): Eaten by Wolves (1x06)
#04 (1ASM03): Song of the North (1x02)
#05 (1ASM04): Molé (1x05)
#06 (1ASM05): Remote Control (1x07)
#07 (1ASM06): Love and Rockets (1x03)
#08 (1ASM07): Defending Sophia (1x09)
#09 (1ASM08): Two Percent (1x04)
#10 (1ASM09): Glory Days (1x10)
#11 (1ASM10): Deep Cover Band (1x11)
#12 (1ASM11): Mincemeat (1x12)
#13 (1ASM12): Proof of Life (1x13)

Episode summary in assumed episode order because everything makes so much sense this way

1x01 Pilot: Rogue CIA spies combat threats to national security while trying to keep their jobs from being eliminated. In the opener, newbie Rick Martinez (Freddy Rodriguez) is partnered with three unruly agents who quickly learn he is a mole out to cut their jobs. But when a hostage crisis in Sudan materializes, Rick joins the team to aid in the rescue.

1.02 Core Fortitude: When Rick's new team goes against orders to apprehend an arms dealer, Rick must decide if he can trust them or if he should report their unauthorized activities to the CIA director.

1.03 Eaten by Wolves: In order to track down a scientist selling nuclear secrets, the agents travel to Russia posing as tourists looking for brides but when one woman falls for Rick, the romantic entanglements cause his cover story to come crashing down around him.

1.04 Song of the North: When a North Korean diplomat embarrasses himself in front of the UN, Rick agrees to have the CIA orchestrate his defection. But when he demands that they also smuggle his family out of the Communist country, the Chaos agents pose as anti-capitalism entrants in the Pyongyang Film Festival to accomplish the mission.

1.05 Mole: CIA headquarters is put into lockdown when the CIA director suspects they may have a mole in their midst, but the inside operation hinders the team's ability to provide support to a foreign operative who is trying to take down a drug cartel.

1.06 Remote Control: When the CIA learns that a terrorist is hiding in Paris, the CHAOS spies are sent in to capture him. But when French intelligence agents shut their operation down, they must continue the mission while avoiding an international incident.

1.07 Love and Rockets: The Chaos agents pose as lawyers to infiltrate an international arms dealer's Russian compound and capture him, but when his daughters befriend Rick and Billy, the team must work around the distractions.

1.08 Defending Sophia: When a U.S. ally is assassinated on the eve of her country's presidential election, the ODS travel abroad only to discover that her death was staged. They vow to keep her safe from her own government so she can participate in the election.

1.09 Two Percent: Casey is thrown off his game when the agents are sent to China to extricate a compromised spy who happens to be his former flame and partner, Linda. When she reveals that she's on the trail of a major terrorist, the team decides to stay and finish the job.

1.10 Glory Days: When the CIA uncovers a private security contractor's attempts to place moles in US embassies, they turn to a legendary former agent to aid in the investigation, not knowing if he still has the skills to succeed in the spy game. Bruce Boxleitner guest stars as former spy Ray Bishop.

1.11 Deep Cover Band: The team is sent to Germany to bring home a rogue agent, but they soon learn that not only is he still a loyal spy, he's also uncovered an underground drug ring and needs their help to take it down.

1.12 Mincemeat: When a Middle Eastern dictator on his deathbed must choose a successor, the CIA sends the CHAOS agents in undercover to convince him to keep his violent son from taking power.

1.13 Proof of Life: When the ODS discovers that a former team member who was presumed dead is actually alive and being held hostage, they embark on a rogue mission to Panama to rescue him, knowing that they might not make it home.

Producers/Cast on Twitter
Freddy Rodriguez:
Eric Close:
James Murray:
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HD (1260x720) version by me HERE

Chaos on Springfield! Springfield!
*The way they list the episode is kind of messy, and the transcripts aren't very nicely formatted either, but it's really useful & comes handy like when you quickly need to check what quotes comes from which episode, etc. And having any kind of transcripts is better than nothing, right? :)
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