Sat (wallflower18) wrote,

CHAOS Big Bang 2011 @ right_bastards

All entries for the CHAOS Big Bang 2011 are now posted at right_bastards and waiting for you for your reading/viewing pleasure. Come over and have some fun! :D Each link will take you to masterpost.

Title: A Matter of Luck
Author: faye_dartmouth
Artist: tekiclutch
Summary: Rick doesn’t need luck; he just needs his skills and his determination and this case will be over in no time.

Title: The One with Ghosts and Zombies
Author: lymricks
Artist: wallflower18
Summary: Billy dies, and somehow Michael's week still gets worse.

Title: Truth and Daemons
Author: leafy07
Artist: wayward77
Summary: Fusion with His Dark Materials. The right bastards and their daemons.
Tags: tv: chaos, {p}
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