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CHAOS Big Bang art + 16 icons

Sorry I'm aware I've been MIA... I'm awfully behind on everything again. And my last two weeks or so was like 'CHAOS Big Bang or DEATH' so I've done nearly nothing fannish except working on this project. Will PM, comment, reply, e-mail you once this event is officially over!

So this is my submission for CHAOS Big Bang @ right_bastards:
Art for the wonderful lymricks' magnificent story, "The One with Ghosts and Zombies". (ZOMG it's AMAZING. READ IT NOW!!!)

Many thanks to everyone at right_bastards for making it happen! And lymricks, I had so much fun reading your brilliant fic and making art for it. I just wish I could provide more 'decent' work that your fic totally deserved. It's been such a pleasure working with you and thanks again for putting up with me!

Size varies; 400x500 to 640x360. Click each image once to see it in full.

On AO3


And here's a tiny icon batch that has been rotting in my folder for about a month and half. #1-4 were inspired by "Billy Dreams", an effin' beautiful little CHAOS piece written by the fabulous lukadreaming. I just love, love, love it. (And oh lukadreaming, I haven't forgotten your request - but I haven't succeeded in making Billy with his guitar caps work. I'm still trying to make something decent out of them.) #16 is leftover of banner I tried to make for Big Bang and couldn't quite complete.


Thanks for viewing! (My resources)
Tags: !graphics: other, !icons, fannish: big bang, tv: chaos, {p}
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