Sat (wallflower18) wrote,

Screencaps: Chaos 1x10 Glory Days

For this banner, I used the caps from 1x08 - 1x11.

Finally! Again, sorry for the delay - I encountered some encoding problem with the 1x10 file and had to switch to VLC. It took me long enough to figure out how to work on VLC and it affected entire organising process for 1x09 and 1x10. For some reason VLC produced so many pixel-y caps and I tried to get rid of these as many as possible, but still there might be some left.

(I really don't mind tackling a couple of Michael/Ray or even Ray/Higgins *gasp* fics after this ep - I'm flexible like that. :P Is there anyone up to provide those? ;))

Chaos 1x10 "Glory Days"
1,880caps (slightly sorted) | 150MB | .jpg
150MB .zip on MegaUpload or on MediaFire

Sample preview:

I'm trying out ImageBam to speed up the posting process - so please note: by clicking the thumbnail, new window will open!
Tags: !screencaps, screencaps: no logo, tv: chaos, {p}
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