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Screencaps: Chaos 1x11 Deep Cover Band

OH. MY. GAWD. I totally hadn't expected this Billy-fullness in the ep. There has to be 1,789034,567712346,05,98765 newborn plot bunnies and fics after this. Oh, too many possibilities! If I try to see it objectively - okay, not a stellar ep imo, but still nice and fun, as per usual. <3 My apologies in advance - I love the boys all so dearly, but samples are getting all about Billy these days. lol

*IF* there's anyone who's wondering about 1x09 & 1x10 caps - they are already capped, organised and ready to be posted but I've got all psyched about 1x11 and couldn't help posting this first. Will be posting them real soon, sorry for inconvenience and thanks for your patience!

Chaos 1x11 "Deep Cover Band"
2,690caps (unsorted) | 1280x720 HD (no logo) | jpg

Download links:
one zip on MU (2,690caps/213MB)
two zips on MF (can be downloaded and unzipped individually)
opening ~ Gallo's alive (1,471caps/119MB), Boys interrogate Gallo ~ ending (1,219caps/95MB)

- The caps are free to use for anything, no need to ask :)
- Credit is nice (it will help others find the caps if they want to use them) but not necessary

Sample preview:

I'm trying out ImageBam to speed up the posting process - so please note: by clicking the thumbnail, new window will open!
Tags: !screencaps, screencaps: no logo, tv: chaos, {p}
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