Sat (wallflower18) wrote,

Screencaps: Chaos 1x05 Molé

Just finished organising caps from 1x05-1x07. *I iz ded* 1x05 caps have been sitting in my hard drive too long, I think they actually started to rot. (Why so slow, myself?) Will go on posting spree today!

1x05 "Molé"
Screencaps: 2,728 (unsorted)
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: jpg
Download links: 190MB .zip on MegaUpload or MediaFire

- They are free to use for anything (of course), no need to ask :)
- Credit is nice (it will help others find the caps if they want to use them), but not necessary
- Although sample pics are fairly small (180x101px) I went too far and put 70 samples under the cut. The page's still pretty light and easy to load for me, but it may be image heavy for you

Click the image once to get the original size

Tags: !screencaps, screencaps: with logo, tv: chaos, {p}
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