Sat (wallflower18) wrote,


New official images of James Murray are up on IMDb! And they're so effin' gorgeous THEY KILLED ME DEAD.

From here:


EDIT 2011-05-26 (thanks to a head's up by squeezynz here): These are very big and hires (except the last one [MQ] and the b&w one [big but LQ]), click the image several times to get actual size.

EDIT 2011-05-27: I first thought LJ Scrapbook was acting up, but no, it turned out the b&w one is too big to load properly on LJ. :/ Here's a zipped file of all 5 for easier download: (~12MB)

The first two tagged 'photo by Stephen Busken' but I don't see the credit for the rest. These were added one by one before my eyes as I was browsing Chaos page on IMDb -- guess how excited I was when that happened!
Tags: actor: james murray, {p}
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