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Screencaps: CHAOS 1x01 Pilot

There are already great CHAOS screencaps posted -- vonilyn has shared the screencaps of all aired episodes here in trust_in_chaos and they're very handy, especially if you look for certain scenes or characters since the caps are sorted by character. squeezynz's James Murray Fan Site has a great, big collection of CHAOS related pictures and screencaps here. smokeygirl19 is also posting her screencaps at jamesmurraynews. I'm posting mine only for the sake of getting-it-done, I've started this project a week after the pilot aired and still nothing popped up in screencaps communities and have been dragging on it ever since.

This is my first time sharing my caps so if there's something wrong and/or you have any concrits or tips, please tell me. Caps are sorted (and still so many :/). Some possible reasons that there are still the blurry or dark ones and near duplicates: 1) I thought these are necessary to see what's going on, 2) even with blurriness and similarity I thought these are good enough to keep because Billy is in them, 3) I simply missed them. I believe that all the scenes are there, but if your favourite milliseconds are missing, give me a shout and I'll cap them for you.

And if you made any CHAOS icons (using my caps or not), please do post at trust_in_chaos and let CHAOS fans appreciate your work! _fandom_icons_ is also a good place to start posting, it has CHAOS tag.

Anyway, I just hope there's someone who will find these caps useful! Please do not hotlink, credit is not necessary but appreciated; it will help others find the caps if they want to use them.

CHAOS 1x01 Pilot
Screencaps: 1,894 (sorted)
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: jpg

MegaUpload: one zip (1,894 caps/162MB)
MediaFire: Three zips (can be downloaded and unzipped individually)
Opening ~ "I have cards!?" (628 caps/50MB), Day 2 ~ Leaving rebels' camp (721 caps/68MB), Campfire ~ Ending (545 caps/44MB)

(click image to view in actual size)

Tags: !screencaps, screencaps: with logo, tv: chaos, {p}
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