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... to make a post to pimp ic0nfest, which is hosted by the brilliant lemonpunch. (Sorry I'm so late for this >.<) The banner says it all; just go, request icons, make icons, join the fun! :)

(clicking the banner will take you to the round IV prompt post)

[Icondump: 32 33 total] CHAOS, Always and Everyone, Primeval, Misc actors (Sarah Parish, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), Human Target, NCIS (my entries for xanthe's Tony/Gibbs iContest + two more aka the ones couldn't make it to the deadline)

- If anyone on my f-list sees this -- I'm sorry I'm so behind of everything. CHAOS has ruined my life and swallowed 99% of my free time.

- Looking at our pretty four lads is fun, but working on CHAOS caps is NO FUN. I have no clue how to colour them, particularly office in-door scenes. They are EVIL. *headdesk* *cries*

- NCIS icons were for Tony/Gibbs iContest xanthe hosted on her journal. They are quite embarrassing since I so rushed to finish them before the deadline, but since this is icondump I'm including them anyway. I want to thank xanthe again for organising and everything, it was great fun. :) I'm really hoping to tackle NCIS iconmaking soon, it's one of my very first fandoms after all. But first things first, I have to find NCIS HQ screencap galleries. Most of the links I bookmarked years ago are now completely outdated and I have no idea where to look for these. I capped NCIS myself for the contest and mine were just plain bad. :/

Chaos (1x01, 1x02)



Sarah Parish, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (from 'Underbar och älskad av alla')

Human Target


- Caps by me: Chaos, Human Target, Underbar och älskad av alla, NCIS
- A&E caps by sunray45, lukadreaming and me
- Primeval caps by killcolor and me
- Resources
Tags: !icons, !pimp, actor: james murray, actor: mark harmon, actor: michael weatherly, actor: nikolaj coster-waldau, actress: sara parish, pairing: gibbs/dinozzo, tv: chaos, tv: human target, tv: ncis, tv: primeval, {p}
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