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A Japanese singer-songwriter (whose hometown is in the worst-hit area) said the other day: Those who have knowledge and skills, provide them. Those who have powers, use them good. Those who with spare money, send it. Those who without any of them and think they can do nothing, LIVE. (lamely translated and paraphrased by me)


So, this is the quick "for me" list to make everything help_japan accessible in one place. If you're not familiar with fandom fundraising, take a look, and let me know if you have questions (or simply direct them to the comm's FAQs post ;)). Please note that this is an incomplete and on-going post, I'll be updating it as time goes without warning. And since it's the "for me" list, the thoughts and opinion in it are all MINE, not help_japan's.

I'm hoping this is gonna be fun and effective as possible as it can get. :)

- Auctions open: 14 March
- Offering close: 26 March
- Final reminders re donations and completed bids: 28 March
- Auctions/Bidding close: 31 March

Introduction post has linked everything important and essential to know about this fandom auction, so taking a look at it will be a good start.


Each page has thousands of offers and comments, have fun browsing them.

Words (post #1: open for bidding but now closed to new offers)
Words (post #2: open) (fanfic, original fic, printed fanfic or orig fic, beta services, non-fanfic editing services, ...)
Art & Artistry (fanart, original art, fan videos, photography,...)
Graphics (icons, banners, mood themes, gifs, wallpapers, journal or site layouts, ...)
Audio (podfics, audio editing services, original music, filks, fanmixes, ...)
Food (something homemade, something "local", some kind of gift pack, a case of Pocky, ...)
Interesting Stuff (post #1: open for bidding but now closed to new offers)
Interesting Stuff (post #2: open) (jewelry, crafted items, memorabilia, gift cards, recipes, ...)

Still haven't found what you want? There's even a Requests Post! If you have something particular in mind and couldn't find in offers, ask here and someone might fill the request for you. And you may find request(s) you can fill too.

Help_Japan delicious account: all the offers and requests are bookmarked there for easy browse.


Organizations and 'How To's List:

Japan Tsunami v-gift ($2.99), and it's easy and convenient way to make small donation, also works great when if there's 'Buy It Now' option in offer. There are so many BIN offers in this auction - a drabble for one v-gift, one postcard/letter per one v-gift, 3 icons per one, ... you can grab variety of fun things using this.

LJ made an official statement this Thursday here at the news, they will donate 100% of the money they raise from the sale of charity vgifts to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières.*

PLUS, according to the LJ FAQ here, if you receive $10 worth of purchased virtual gifts within two weeks, two months of bonus Paid Account time will be added to your account. So this way, if the offerer gets 4+ v-gifts in total within two weeks, then they'll receive Paid Account (two month only though) automatically. I like this method because both offerer and winning bidder can get their benefit. (When I shop in LJ, I always buy LJ tokens first and then using them to purchase.)

* I was hoping they would donate the money to Japan Red Cross Society, because from my #$%& years of experience being Japanese, regarding relief effort in Japan, JRC is the biggest, and most effective and functioning organization. I'm all for MSF when I donate for the relief effort in other countries, but in Japan, sadly they're not the best option at all. If you wish to donate your money to JRC, they have set up their own donation page, but for you those who not in Japan I think donating through Google is the easiest way.

There's also similar communitiy on DreamWidth:

[community profile] help_japan: Offers List
Offers are open as of March 12, 2pm GMT.
Bids are set to open 48h later, on March 14, 2pm GMT.
The auction will close in one week, on March 20, at 12nn GMT.

You can bid/comment using OpenID if you don't have DW account. If you are in need of DW there are invites everywhere in the web, but also feel free to let me know.

Last but not least: my heartfelt thanks go for everyone who cares and prays and makes action whatever it is for us. THANK YOU.
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