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Icon post: Primeval/James Murray [55]

I wanted to post this before my two years Primeval anniversary (Jan 2nd) or at least James Murray's birthday but neither of them happened. *hangs head* Anyway, this post includes nearly every James Murray or Primeval related icon I've made since September last year until very recent. No fancy texture use, no negative spaces (= too many close-ups), bad colouring and boring crops, either too blurry or too sharpened, and some are just the recycle of my Stephen mood theme. In conclusion; they suck. I still have no idea what I'm doing or what I want to do with PS. :( But since I wanted to gather them in one place to clean up my folder... *hits 'post'*

[55 total]
[29] Primeval (mostly Stephen) [icons are vaguely in order of date (older to newer) in this part]
[26] James Murray (CBS's new show Chaos related + various)


[1 - 5]
[6 - 10]
[11 - 15]
[16 - 20]
[21 - 25]
[26 - 29]

Chaos [my huge thanks go to people over at jamesmurrayfans and jamesmurraynews for images and infos]
[30 - 34]
[35 - 39]
[40 - 41]
*About 35&36: apparently these are Hush Puppies? But when I first saw Chaos filming photos I thought "Clarks w/suits!" ... and made them. X)

In various roles: Clocking Off, Keen Eddie, Marple: The Sittaford Mystery, North Square
[42 - 46]
[47 - 51]

Misc. photo shoot
[52 - 53]

James Murray & Sarah Parish [from the video lukadreaming posted here]
[54 - 55]

- Please feel free to modify (as you can see, text and I are still not good friends. :/)
- Please feel free to use them anywhere
- No hotlinking please!
- Credit is not necessary but appreciated; it helps people to find the stuff - it always helps me to find other people's splendid work. :)
- Resources
Tags: !icons, actor: james murray, tv: chaos, tv: primeval, {p}
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