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Primeval: Stephen Hart Mood Theme

1 year, 11 months 10 months (obviously I can't even do simple maths) and 15 days since when this obsession for one man suddenly possessed me (means I'm still just a newbie in this fandom!), and 2 months since I started using Photoshop and ruining my life by making this, it's here.

Thank you, E, for putting up with me all the time. And thanks again to the lovely loveliesandlust (no pun intended) for encouraging me to make graphics.

132 moments of Stephen Hart

Full Preview | ZIP (1.74MB)

100x60 (no border) | .png | no repeats | using episode caps only, no stills/cast photos
Zip includes 132 mood images and adminconsolecodes.txt file.

The qualities and colourings of every moods vary, and are very random, as I worked on them one by one manually and kept applying different colourings. While newest ones are days old, oldests are 2 months old -- but I'm leaving them as they are now, otherwise this will never be finished. Also some moods are unforgivably bad because I couldn't make them work, but I liked original images and wanted them included, so there they are.

Instructions for all accounts (basic/plus/paid):
HERE by crackified or HERE (on part 2) by snubbly. Please let me know if there's any questions/difficulties installing it.

Becuase he's too damn pretty, and because I've been incredibly indecisive all my life while making this, my folder for this theme is now clattered with 600+ .pngs (inc. silly amount of colour/crop variations). My beta says she doesn't like extras/alternates in general, creators of any media should show their completed work only -- and while I completely understand it and agree with it (in a way), I couldn't help myself and made a post to display them HERE. Currently 130 extra images there.

Even more notes:
+ Comments/concrits/suggestions; much appreciated!
+ Credit is love, no credit is fine too.
+ Feel free to swap moods to fit them in your preference (ex. throw 'predatory' out and move 'determined' to 'predatory', pick this from extras for 'determined')
+ Feel free to modify, i.e. resize, add border, make b&w version, mix with other themes to make your own multifandom mood theme, etc. It's all up to you.
+ If I excluded your favourite moments of him -- SORRY! Just point me particular scenes or caps you'd like to see as moods and I'll work on them as best as I can. :) Please note that I'm a skilless novice so they might not turn out as desired.

Caps credits:
xsomethingbluex @ xcaptura (Captura)
telltale @ inadream_caps (In A Dream Caps)
My own

Other Resources
Tags: !mood themes, actor: james murray, primeval: stephen hart, tv: primeval, {p}
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