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Tutorials Used or Tried [September 2010]

Since I actually started making icons and failing, I think it's time to make actual resource post.

{in no particular order}

Animated icon: ticcyyy:

Colouring: fo_poozle:
(mirror) (w/PSD)

Colouring - Curves: herdestiny:

Colouring: spuzz:
^ Pretty much the tutorial I used most as my first PS experiment. It's from 2007 and the results may be too simple in icon trend of 2010, but for a graphic novice like me it was very easy to follow and helpful, also effective. Similar tutorials by spuzz I also tried: |

Colouring: sir:

Colouring: weisy:
^ One of my favourite icon makers back when I started using LJ. And that pink colour fill is a lifesaver! I don't know what to do without it.

Colouring: dabbisch:
^ I totally failed at this, but I'll definitely try it again as I really like the result and dabbisch's icons.

Colouring: pureskies: (Super easy, one step only)

Colouring: remus:

Colouring: crucified: (w/PSD)
^ Another tutorial I've been using A LOT from late September. Provides great results when meets 'right' caps.

Colouring: starsburn: (w/PSD)
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