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I'm not usally like this regarding 'celebrity' news -- but it's Sarah and James and this has just made me utterly happy.

From here @ jamesmurrayfans: James Murray and Sarah Parish had a healthy baby girl on November 21st of last year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Family affair
Last updated 05:00 28/02/2010

EXCLUSIVE: AWARD-winning British actress Sarah Parish has confirmed to Sunday News in a world exclusive that she and actor husband James Murray have welcomed a happy, healthy baby daughter.

The couple have named the little girl Nell, Parish said from the family home in Hampshire, England.

The baby was born six weeks early on November 21. “She’s great, she’s doing really well, she’s downstairs kicking up a fuss at the moment.”

Parish says the next five or six weeks are her “mummy-time” before filming of the third and final series of Mistresses starts in April.

The successful drama follows four friends as they struggle with everything from a lesbian affair to fertility problems.
“You never get bored,” Parish says. “Sometimes the women can come across as quite unattractive characters. I know friends who have watched it and been yelling at the telly. I think they’re all great people who do, sometimes, bad things.”

Parish said she and Murray chose not to talk to the press about Nell until now, because of the media attention they received when their first child, Ella-Jayne, died last January.

Ella-Jayne was born with a heart defect and was kept in hospital for weeks after she was born. Eventually she was allowed home, and was thought to be making good progress until she had to be rushed back into intensive care. She was just eight months old when she died.

Seven months later, in August, Parish discovered she was pregnant again. “It was quite a shock,” she said. “Usually you know fairly quickly. I was three and a half months pregnant I kept it quiet, low-key, especially after the first child.”
The surprise pregnancy forced filming to be delayed on the second season of popular drama Mistresses, in which Parish stars as compassionate GP Katie Roden.

Parish said the premature birth was due to her low-lying placenta. “I knew she was going to come early,” she said, but admitted she was nervous after Nell, like Ella-Jayne, was born premature.

“It was scary at the time but she was delivered brilliantly. She didn’t need any oxygen. The hospital where I had her, they’re so brilliant.”

Nell is wearing Ella-Jayne’s clothes, and sleeping in her nursery, which had been healing for her and Murray.
“It’s helped a lot, I think. It was nice to have another little girl. It sort of completes the circle, if you like. It hasn’t brought up lots and lots of upsetting memories, which is good.”

Eight years ago, when Parish was 33 and dating fellow actor Hugo Speer, she told a BBC interviewer that her perfect life would be “to be happy and have a nice house in the country with children, one day”. She laughs when I remind her of that daydream. “[Reality] is very close,” she says. “We have a house in the country and we keep an apartment in London as well.

“If we’re not working we’re down in the country. It’s in the middle of nowhere, we’ve got chickens, we’ve got a vegetable patch. It’s a sort of idyllic life really. We just got back from the village pub now. Took the baby down, she was handed around”.

Parish, 41, said she had been waiting to meet the right person before having children. She and Murray, 35, both starred in BBC drama Cutting It, which ran between 2002 and 2005. They got together at about the time the series finished, and married in December 2007.

“I was very focused on my career when I was younger,” Parish said. “One day you wake up, don’t you, and you go ‘I’ve forgotten to have children!’ We got moving as soon as possible.”

The second series of Mistresses starts on UKTV on March 11.
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