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Found out about this here @ jamesmurrayfans.

"Cutting It" star loses baby girl (Published: 19 Jan 2009)

TELLY star Sarah Parish was “devastated” last night after the death of her baby daughter.

Eight-month-old Ella-Jayne lost her battle for life after being born with a hole in her heart.

Cutting It star Sarah, 40, is married to actor James Murray, 33, who she met on the set of the BBC drama.

Ella-Jayne — who was born five weeks early by emergency Caesarean section last May — died at the couple’s home in Hampshire last week.

A spokeswoman for Sarah said: “It’s been very hard for them both.”

My initial thoughts on this news was...was, yes this was terrible, awful, worst and saddest thing. Just... horrible. But completely knowing I don't have any right to say something like this, I dare to say that I really hope this did give baby and the couple some peace. They all suffered enough. It must be impossible for Sarah and James to feel/think so at this stage, but I'm really hoping they'll be able to, eventually.
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